How to Purchase And Save Money On Your Business Premises

Posted May 8, 2021 by in Career

Purchasing and running business premises can be an exciting part of a business development journey. You may have dreamed of owning a company and being your boss and all the perks that include. First, however, you must have a solid business plan and financial roadmap. You should also remember that business purchases can be offset on your tax payments at the end of the year, so identify everything you need and details for your accounts. Where do you start?


Networking is an important part of building a successful business. Making connections with business-minded people will help build relationships and find information on things such as available offices, wholesale equipment, and cost-effective utilities. Ask questions, meet for lunch and set up events for mutual discussion on ideas and advice. Most well-established businesses will remember the early days and be willing to support where they can. 

Planning and Gathering 

If you have decided on a property you wish to invest in, make sure you hire a reputable real estate agent. Professional and experienced agents will aim to get the property at a competitive price and can save you money if carefully selected. Research all that’s involved in purchasing business property, so you are on the same page. Owning your building will give you the freedom to use and alter it as you wish but remember to factor in ongoing costs and any structural changes you want to make before you start trading. 

You should also investigate different utility providers such as gas, electricity, water, and internet/ phone. Providers often do special deals for start-up companies, so make sure you discuss options before signing a contract.  Fixed-cost utilities are ideal and save you money long term. However, if the budget allows, you could take advantage of smart options such as thermostats to program and automatically change depending on conditions; these can save money and are user-friendly. You can also use energy-saving bulbs which are kinder to the environment. 

What do you need in your office? Equipment such as desks, chairs, sofas, whiteboards, water coolers, and stationery can be purchased at trade prices, so it’s worth starting an account with a local company and buys in bulk if you can. 

Staff comfort is crucial and affects productivity. If you live in a changing climate, you should purchase a high-quality air conditioning unit with a heating option to comply with temperature regulations. With so many on the market offering different functions, it can be challenging to find the right one, and you can learn more about choosing the right heat type for your PTAC here. In addition, educating yourself about the inner workings of a unit will help you use it, so it functions most efficiently and can reduce energy costs in the long run.

Fix Issues Fast 

You may find sometimes things go wrong, and you must deal with breakages, power cuts, leaks, and such swiftly to avoid hefty bills. Appropriate business contents insurance will give you peace of mind that should anything serious happen that you are covered. However, it would help if you acted fast as power cuts can decrease productivity and cost the business money, so always have a plan. If a lack of power would have a drastic effect on your business, you could consider installing a generator as an alternative power source to reduce the effects of losing power. 

A true entrepreneur is organized, positive, and analytical; with planning and hard work, you will have a thriving business in no time.