How To Put Your Master in Organizational Leadership To Good Use

Posted April 7, 2022 by in Career
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Did you know that around 75% of small businesses that are struggling in the United States claim that it is due to a lack of organization?

Organization in the workplace is essential if you want to meet objectives, manage finances, and lead employees. 

If you recently graduated with a Master’s in organizational leadership, you should help. 

Continue reading to learn about opportunities to get an organizational leadership Master’s degree. 

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Human Resources

One of the best jobs to get with an organizational leadership Master’s degree is one in human resources.

With a Master’s, you qualify for management positions, especially if you have experience in a previous management role. HR is interesting since you get to work with people of all industries and ensure their working conditions are safe and comfortable. 

Human resource departments handle a lot of paperwork, however, they are the heart of a company and keep things running smoothly. You must be highly organized in this role while dealing with so many details and documents. 

Marketing Management

If you enjoy the creative side of the business, you should consider using your degree in marketing management. 

In this role, you get to help define and set company goals with the owner and other members of management. You will have a large influence on the business and how to get more customers. As a marketing manager, you are responsible for making decisions and executing ideas and projects. 

This is a fun organizational leadership career that will use other skills you developed in college. Marketing managers need to be organized, but they also need to think outside of the box and find creative solutions. 

Admin for Nonprofits 

Nonprofit organizations are all around the world, the goal is to generate profit that gets distributed amongst those in need. 

With a Master’s in organizational leadership, you can go into nonprofit administration. As an administrator, you get to manage office procedures. Learning about finance, facilities, and human resources is essential to being successful in this role. 

Most people choose to use their degree for nonprofits if they want to help make a difference. If you have a special connection to a nonprofit organization, look into career opportunities for a fulfilling future. 

Nonprofit administrators can make an impact by improving financial situations and problem-solving. Especially through issues that the organization often faces. 


If you enjoy problem-solving and identifying issues, you should go into consulting.

Business and management consultants are in high demand as people develop into their roles. Consultants analyze business data and try to identify weaknesses in the business. They can also highlight positive areas and find solutions to improve efficiency. 

This is a very satisfying job for people that like to see the results of their work. Once they implement their plans, they can observe the changes in the workplace and monitor productivity. Although critical and creative thinking is essential, you must be organized. This is because, for this role, time management is important.  

Getting a Master in organizational leadership can help you become a powerful consultant with the potential of opening a firm! 

Leadership Coach 

Do you enjoy lifting up others so that they can believe in their own potential?

Becoming a leadership coach might be a good idea for you if you do since you can coach people through struggle and success. Whether you want to work with groups or individuals, you can coach people so that they set and follow goals in life. 

This is a rewarding career that will teach you a lot about life and common struggles. People that enjoy psychology do well in this position since it involves bonding with a person and trying to encourage them. This is only possible when the coach teaches the student to believe in themselves and gives them the resources necessary. 

Business Executive

If you want an organizational leadership career that you can retire from, you should strive to be a business executive. 

Business executives focus on many tasks and aspects of a company. For example, a CFO is an executive that monitors the company’s finances. A COO is another example. They monitor the structural organization and procedures in place. 

These jobs are slightly difficult to come by, however, they often provide some of the highest pay. Your organizational knowledge will lead you to success as an executive. Especially since you understand business basics and discipline. 

Onboarding Professional

Many people with an organizational leadership degree go into HR, however, there is another option to consider.

Onboarding and training is a small chunk of human resources, and you can turn it into a career. It takes a lot of organization to manage onboarding at companies since there is so much paperwork and details to cover. As an onboarding professional, you can help companies acclimate their most recent hires and get all of the legal work out of the way. 

This is a fun job since you get to meet a lot of people and watch them develop in the company. If you enjoy organizing meetings, putting together training documents, and learning, this is a great career to consider. 

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Make the Most of Your Organizational Leadership Master’s Degree

If you have an organizational leadership Master’s degree, there are many options to consider. 

You can tap into your creative side with marketing management or go into the executive world and make a lot of money. As a person with a degree in organizational leadership, you can find opportunities in every industry that need your skills. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new, especially if you want to contribute to a nonprofit organization. 

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