How to Redesign Your Property and Increase Its Value

Posted September 21, 2022 by in Home
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Looking to sell your property in 2022? Naturally, you’ll want to get the best price you can for it. In this article, we’re going to give you some great tips about how you can redesign your property and increase its value. “I don’t have the cash”, I hear you cry. Don’t worry, some of these suggestions cost nothing at all, whilst others are also very inexpensive. The other bonus is that not only will these ideas increase the value of your home, they’ll also help it to sell more quickly. We’re also going to tell you what actually devalues your property – you‘ll be surprised.

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How Can I Add Value to My Property?

Estate agents tend to agree that these are the most effective ways of adding value to your property when it comes to selling it:

1. Increase the Usable Area

Typically, houses are initially valued on the square footage of usable space, so by increasing this you will immediately add value. Of course, it costs money to do this and you’ll need to balance the cost of the remodel against the increase in the property’s value.  

Some renovations are cheaper than others. For example, you can try garage conversion to create an extra bedroom would cost far less than an extension.  Think about changing your cupboard under the stairs into a toilet, or adding a small extension to the kitchen to use as a utility room. Consider the space you already have – if you have a very large bedroom, for instance, could it be made into two?

2. Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Now more than ever, potential buyers will want to know how much you are paying for your energy. It’s important, therefore, to get your home as energy efficient as possible. Firstly, ensure that your loft and walls are insulated. In addition, if you have drafty windows then you can find lots of information here about how to improve upon this, and also see if you’re eligible for grants to have new windows or a new boiler installed. These changes could save you £1000’s a year which any buyer would find an attractive proposition.

3. Curb Appeal

How your house presents itself to a prospective buyer from the outside sets the tone for the whole viewing. If you’re looking at property for sale In Nora Springs, you’ll understand how crucial a good first impression is. Consider getting a new front door if yours is old-fashioned or looking a bit decrepit. Sometimes, a lick of paint and a new door knocker is all you need to spruce it up!

If you have a front garden, then make sure it’s neat and tidy. You might even want to consult a  garden designer to maximise its potential. Finally, ensure that the garden gate is newly painted and isn’t ricky, and ensure that any paving around the home is flat, even and cleaned so that you’re less likely to slip on any leaves or moss.

4. Dress Your House for Sale

Outdated furnishings is one of the reasons why your house may be devalued, so now might be the time to chuck out that old sofa and upgrade to something new. Don’t forget, you’ll be able to take it with you when you move!  

Leeds estate agents, Dwell, say that buyers form an opinion of your home in around 10 seconds, so it’s really important to get that first impression spot on. They’ve written a helpful guide on how to dress your house to sell with some great tips that won’t cost you the earth.

Is it a Good Time to Remodel Your Home (2022)?

The property market this year has been extremely buoyant, however there are signs that it’s slowing down, at least a little bit. Doing some home improvements now might mean that your house is the one that sells quickly when it comes on the market. Don’t forget, besides the value proposition of any home remodelling, it also just gives you a much nicer space to live in, too, so in many ways, it’s always a good time to remodel.

How Long Does it Take to do a Full House Renovation?

This depends on the size of your house and the kinds of renovations you’re doing. It could take over a year depending on the building firm you use. Smaller whole house remodels will take somewhere between 7 and 10 months. Always pin a builder down to time scales and consider a late penalty clause, just in case they take substantially longer than estimated. It might seem overly cautious or a bit drastic, but you’ll thank us in the event that they’re not good on their word, timings wise.

In What Order Should You Renovate a House?

If you’re using a builder, then they’ll explain the process; if you’re attempting your own remodel, however? Follow these steps:

  1. Structural alterations
  2. Wiring (first fix)
  3. Plumbing (first fix)
  4. Finishes-plasterboard, render, skirting, doors, windows, etc.
  5. Decorating
  6. Plumbing, electrical (second fix)
  7. Flooring

What Brings Down Property Value?

The following are some of the reasons that your property may see a decrease in value – it’s worth remembering, though,  that not all of them are in your control.

  • Changes in the real estate market – mitigate this by discussing with your estate agent whether now is the best time to sell. Beware, though, that estate agents always require housing stock, and so less scrupulous estate agents might give you biased information based on that fact. To gain some further objectivity on the matter, therefore, follow property gurus on social media websites like Twitter, or columnists within national newspapers.
  • Bad neighbours – this can be very difficult to deal with, but if it is a rented property, then complain to their landlord. If there’s anti-social behaviour, this can be reported to the Local Authority and the police. Consider mediation to improve relations rather than instantly burning bridges.
  • Unfashionable furnishings – no matter how much you love them, now might be the time to ditch those 1990 curtains…
  • Deferred or neglected maintenance – no more putting off those niggling jobs – out with the toolbox!

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully, having read this, you’ll have a better idea about what you can do to hike up your property’s value before putting it on the market. With just a few inexpensive (and in many cases, completely free) tips and tricks, you can get that extra cash on the sale you’ve been hoping for!

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