How to Reduce the Cost of Moving

Posted December 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle
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It doesn’t matter if you’re moving down the street, a town over, or across the country—moving is expensive. From cardboard boxes and tape to moving trucks and labor costs—moving can easily set you back $1,000 or more. Yikes!

If you’re on a tight budget and need to move, use the following tips to reduce the costs charged by professional movers

Man in Brown Coat Holding Brown Cardboard Box

Decide on The Moving Method

The moving method is an essential factor in pricing the cost of your move. If you need cheap services, hire moving containers instead of going for full-service movers. It’s also affordable to hire a truck and drive it yourself when moving your items if you’re not moving any more than one hour from your previous location.

Doing a long distance move? Renting a moving truck may not be very cost effective. If you’re moving far, a moving truck will bring in extra costs such as gas, hotels, and food. This is where opting for moving containers is beneficial.

If you decide to hire a cheap moving company, be ready to do some work yourself. You will have to pack and unpack the items on your own. A full-service moving company would pack for you and unpack for you.

Shipment or Luggage Weight

Luggage or shipment weight is the total weight of everything for your move. The weight is significant in determining the final costs of moving. To reduce the costs, dispose of some things that aren’t essential—if it doesn’t spark joy, consider getting rid of it. Moving items you don’t use is a waste of money. Don’t move with the items that you no longer use. Donate the in-house items that still functions, but you rarely use and throw away any trash/clutter.

After reducing the weight of your shipment, have the company set the final costs and see if you can afford it. If it’s still expensive, consider reducing the weight further. You can also consider a different company with cheaper pricing. To get the best rate for your move, it’s smart to shop around and get a variety of quotes. 

Moving Routes and Distance

Relocating along a highway is cheaper than moving far from main highways. Despite the distance, moving along the highway saves fuel and time, which in turn reduces costs. If you request door-to-door services, you will have to pay more.

You can hire a truck to deliver your items to the nearest port to reduce costs. A moving company will ship your items to the nearest port near your home. You can then collect your items from there with another hired or rented moving truck that local to your new home.

Moving Seasons

When are you planning to move? You will pay more if you move during the peak season—usually summer. If you have to move during the peak season, be sure to book your moving company as far in advance as possible. Giving short notice to a moving company during the peak season will cost you. The shorter the notice, the higher the charges.

To save even more money, avoid moving on weekends and at the end of the month.

Hourly Labor

Moving companies will charge high hourly rates. To reduce costs, waive the full-service companies offer and load and offload the items on your own. 

Moving Coverage

Moving coverage involves the insurance types that protect your items while on transit. The insurance is liable for any damages that might occur on your items while in transit.

Woman in Brown Coat Holding a Moving Box

Moving can make a big dent in your savings. If you have to move when your finances are low, moving frugally is a must. Apply the above tricks to get a favorable price that you can foot without straining you wallet too much.

Good luck on your move!