How To Remove Eyelash Extension Glue

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At the start of their lash careers, many novice artists can be intimidated to work with powerful eyelash extension adhesives and removers. The truth is, with proper application techniques and professional approaches, removing eyelash extension glues can be a walk in the park! Today’s article will cover all the necessary information you’ll ever need for the eyelash removal process. Let’s discuss the basic methods, the hidden secrets and the best eyelash extension glue removers on the market! 

Eyelash Extension Glues & Adhesives

First and foremost, it’s essential to master the lash tools and products you’ll be working with on a daily basis. When it comes to the lash extension application process, there are only a handful of products all lash techs need. That is – mink individual lashes, eyelash extension glues, protective lash pads, lash shampoos and, of course, gloves! For now, let’s focus on the eyelash extension glues. Lash adhesives are semi-liquid, viscous and powerful binding products. With the aim to attach mink lash fans to natural eyelashes, these eyelash extension glues create lash fills that last for several weeks!

High-quality lash adhesives have high retention times, are formulated with low fume counts, can accommodate even the most sensitive of clients and are accessible to most lash artists. 

Pro Tips For Eyelash Extension Glues

Now, let’s move on to the expert tips that will help you on your lash adhesive journey. Choosing the right lash adhesive product is the key to not only crafting long-lasting striking lash extensions, but also winning the trust of your clients! Allergic or highly-sensitive clients work well with sensitive lash adhesives that have ultra-low glue fume counts. With the right professional lash glue product at hand, keep in mind that lash adhesives should be kept in room temperature environments, of 70 – 72F with humidity of RH 50 – 70%.

Next, be mindful of the amount of product you use with a single lash fan. Only a small dot of the product is enough for the mink fans to adhere to natural eyelashes. Simply transfer the professional lash glue onto a stone and dip the end tips of the mink fans. Connect the mink fans to the natural eyelashes and hold them there for 5-6 seconds until the professional lash glue is fully cured. 

What Are Eyelash Extension Removers

With our pro application tips, it’s time to discuss the best ways to remove eyelash extensions. For this part of the process, we will need eyelash extension removers, whether they are gel or cream lash removers. Similar to lash adhesives, eyelash glue removers are potent tools for dissolving the bonds between natural lashes and extension fans. 

Available in cream and gel forms, eyelash extension remover are the easiest and most efficient ways to touch-up or completely remove full extensions designs. These products can be used once every 2-3 weeks for simple redos for small lash line gaps or every 6-8 weeks when the natural lashes, alongside their extensions, have experienced fallout and shedding. 

Step-By-Step Use Of Eyelash Extension Removers

If you are just beginning to work with eyelash remover gels or creams, here is a step-by-step routine that will become your go-to guide! Start by placing soft lash pads on your client’s under-eye area. Next, using a microswab, apply a generous amount of the gel or cream lash remover to the extensions. It’s better to initially place a small amount of product and slowly build up the remover. This way, we can avoid the remover making contact with our client’s eyes!

Finally, let the remover sit on the lash extensions for 1-3 minutes and begin gently removing the mink lash fans. Once all the extensions have been successfully removed, cleanse the client’s natural lashes with lash shampoos to wash away any traces of gel or cream lash remover. Rinse the lashes with lukewarm water and you’re done! 

Best Eyelash Extension Removers

And lastly, let’s explore all the best eyelash extension glue removers available on the lash market today. As we’ve mentioned, these lash tools can be found in cream or gel forms. Eyelash remover gel formulas are thinner in consistency and are better for touch-up procedures. Cream lash removers are thicker and better suited for full lash line extension removals. If you are looking for eyelash extension glue removers that are easy to maneuver, safe on the eyes and with non-irritating and powerful formulas, then let us introduce the Stacy Lash Removers For Eyelash Extension Glues! Our cream removers are available in Rose or Mango scents, have fast-acting properties, are latex and cruelty-free and can assist the most novice of artists.

Hands applying lash extensions on a client

Our gel removers also have incredible lightning-fast properties that prevent the spread of extra product around the eyes. Whether you prefer cream or gel products, the Stacy Lash Removers for Eyelash Extension Glues are the perfect choice for professional lash artists of the world! Visit the Stacy Lash lash supply store and invest in high-quality eyelash extension glue removers today! 

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