How to Reset Your Netflix Algorithm

Posted October 19, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Whether you’re roommate’s addiction to Gossip Girl has resulted in Netflix recommending similar shows to you, or a breakup has led to you wanting to forget all the shows you used to watch with your significant other, or you finally moved out of your parents house and want a fresh Netflix start, resetting your algorithm can have a legitimate affect on happiness, and it’s not very difficult to do. 

Netflix has been collecting data on its customers since back in the 90s when it was just a DVD delivery service. Emails would be sent out to customers with lists of new releases related to the rental content they have already requested. Customer locale was incorporated into these suggestions, as well as demographics such as ages of people in the household, interests they have, and frequency with which they re-up their Netflix DVDs. 

Twenty years goes by fast, and since becoming a streaming service that pretty much everyone in America uses, or is at least familiar with, the algorithms for delivering new suggestions to users are complex.

Netflix’s approach to processing big data as a marketing strategy is generally considered quite successful. Using artificial intelligence allows Netflix to stay ahead of the game and makes it easy to update new suggestions, and for most people, deliver a welcomed dose of new shows to binge on. Sometimes free vpn for netflix can save the situation. Because Netflix doesn’t work in all countries.

For those ladies and gentlemen who do find their algorithms to be more geared towards the people that were using your password, however, here is a quick guide on resetting your algorithm and starting your Netflix life anew.

Login/My Account

As is the first step with anything web-based, ensuring you’re logged in to the right account is step number one here, as well. Once you’re logged in, hover your mouse over the “My Account” icon and scroll down to “My Profile.”  Even after you reset your algorithm, knowing how to navigate to “My Profile” is important, because you can remove recently watched shows and movies from your history here, if they didn’t particularly match up with things you like and you don’t want them to be involved in your new algorithm. (It’s also where you can delete parts of your watch history that you’re ashamed of. We have all been there.)

Viewing Activity/Ratings

Under the My Profile tab, you will see your viewing activity, as well as a ratings tab. Clicking on each of these allows you to see what has been watched on your account, and what you (or other users on your account) have rated given films. Deleting all is an option, but you can also sift through and individually remove shows or episodes or movies that you didn’t personally watch. With the ratings tab, the action is similar. If a rating wasn’t made by you, there is a big ol’ X you can click to delete those ratings from your algorithm. 

Netflix algorithm issues

And that’s about it! Once these viewing and rating tabs have been scoured or completely deleted, your new algorithm will be all about you, you, you!