How to Save Money on a New Saxophone

Posted November 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The unmistakable sound of the saxophone has bewitched its listeners for over 180 years, which isn’t that long in comparison to many other instruments, but its immense popularity is a testament to its versatility and sonic brilliance. 

They can be expensive, however, so if you wanted to get your hands on a saxophone of your own, but you did not want to break the bank into a thousand pieces, a little research is in order. Here are some tips on those of you wishing to save money on their new musical pursuit, hopefully without sacrificing too much quality in the process. 

Buying Used Online

The online realm is not unlike a breeding ground for second-hand goodies, and musical instruments are no different. 

You may find yourself a hidden gem on sites like Reverb or even Facebook Marketplace, but beware, saxophones can be difficult and costly to repair, so going for a fixer-upper might not be the most value-oriented way forward. 

If you manage to find what looks like a bargain, and your new instrument is making an annoying squeaking sound, there is every chance it just needs a quick replacement part. You could check out a guide called Why is My Saxophone Squeaking? if you needed a heads up in this area.  

Get the Right Style 

There are many different types of saxophone designed to fulfill various roles, so finding the right one for you is a must. The most common one to learn on initially is perhaps the alto model, but depending on what sound you want, you may wish to spread your net a bit further.

It is also worth noting that since some of the more bass-heavy saxophones are bigger, they may end up being more expensive. 

Ask a Professional Teacher

Sifting through the online world for a deal on a sax just to fall victim to a scam is not the most enjoyable of afternoons. If you want to play it as safe as possible, asking a professional teacher could be a good bet. They will have nothing to gain from sending you in the wrong direction, and they probably have a wealth of knowledge that you can learn from too. 

Try Out the Instrument

If you can, giving the instrument a try before you buy can help you avoid a bum deal. Instruments do not have to be expensive to be good – just look at Fender’s Squier range or Harley Benton’s offering of bewilderingly cost-efficient guitars. 

Ultimately, the sound of the instrument and the way that it feels in your hands is all that matters, so you should be afraid to try it out. 

The list of ultra-cheap saxophones is long, so you may want to check out your options before you make any big decisions. 

Consult the Forums

There are some great saxophone communities online, many of whom will be more than happy to help you find a deal on a budget instrument, so do not be afraid to reach out for advice! It could really help you find a bargain but not at the cost of quality.