How to Save Money on Your Car

Posted February 14, 2024 by in Lifestyle
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It’s safe to say that running a car or other vehicle can be one of the greatest expenses for your lifestyle. However, for most people, having a vehicle is non-negotiable when it’s needed for work or life requirements.

While of course it’s true that you could live without a car if you really wanted to, it’s not always the best option for everyone. Which is why there are still ways you can work to save as much money as possible with your car:

how to save on owning a car

Save Up Longer for a Better-Quality Vehicle 

It can be difficult investing in a new car when you desperately need one and only have a certain budget. This can lead to buying a low-quality vehicle as a run-around, simply to have something when you need it. 

However, in the long run, spending money on cheaper and problematic vehicles can cost you a lot more when you have to constantly pay for repairs and fixes. 

It may take longer, but saving up for a better quality car (despite the higher initial payment) means that you’ll save a lot more money in the long run if less goes wrong with it. 

Take Care of Any Problems as Soon as They Arise

Many drivers know the feeling of seeing a warning light appear on the dashboard and hoping it will go away. However, car problems will not go away if you ignore them. It can be easy to continue driving around if your car still seems to function normally, but there could be a lot happening under the hood that you can’t see. 

The longer you leave problems, the worse they can become. You could even risk your car eventually breaking down when it could have been avoided, and that means spending more on repairs which could have been a lot cheaper to fix if you’d done it as soon as the problem arose. 

Check Around for Gas Station Prices 

Many gas stations will have cheaper fuel prices than others. Rather than waiting until your fuel is low and desperately stopping at the nearest station, try to look around for the best gas station price at the time you need it, so that you can save a little extra money on fuel. 

Get Rid of Your Car! 

It’s always an option, after all! Getting rid of your vehicle entirely could save you a significant amount of money. 

Or, it may be that your current vehicle has come to the end of its life and you want to try going car-less for a month or two… perhaps. 

There are many ways you can get rid of your vehicle. You have the option to sell, but you can also donate your vehicle to certain charities who can use the proceeds for good causes such as Rawhide: you can find Rawhide’s Milwaukee location to enquire about donating a vehicle.

Eliminate Any Heavy Items from Your Trunk 

Driving around with a lot of weight in your car will cause you to use more fuel, which will cost you more money on gas in the long run. If you’ve got a habit of leaving heavy items in your trunk or if you have anything in there which you’ve been meaning to get rid of (such as old furniture you’ve been hoping to donate, but haven’t got round to it yet) then make sure to remove it from your vehicle as soon as possible, so that it’s not weighing your car down. 

Always Have Your Tires at the Right Pressure

Tires which are not inflated correctly and at the incorrect pressure will lead you to use more fuel when you are driving, causing you to have to fill up more often. 

Be sure to always check the correct pressure for your specific vehicle and make air pressure part of a regular maintenance routine so that you can avoid using any extra fuel. 

Check for Multi-Policy Insurers

A lot of insurance providers will offer discounts on auto insurance if you have multiple policies with them, or perhaps choose to insure multiple vehicles with them (if you have more than one in your household). It’s always worth having a look for these potential discounts to save you money, especially if you pay for other insurance anyway, such as home insurance or life insurance. 

Try Car Sharing 

If you’re going the same way as other people you know, such as a commute to work, then car sharing can mean you reduce the wear and tear on your own vehicle as well as the fuel costs by using it less and sharing with others. 

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