How to Save Your Blowout from the Gym

Posted February 9, 2013 by in Beauty

Whether you do your own blowouts or pay for it at the salon, you want it to last. Broke & Chic asked a few stylish ladies what makes them not want to go to the gym or take a nice long jog. The reason: They didn’t want to ruin their perfect hair.

When you’re a part of the curly/wavy/frizzy world, you want to maintain that smooth hair you spent hours in the bathroom trying to achieve. But sacrificing your health for your looks just isn’t practical. Here are a few ways to  salvage your hair after a nice run!

Use a blowdryer

The second you finish up at they gym, rough dry your hair using the cool setting. This will dry up all the sweat on your scalp, preventing the oils from traveling down your hair shaft. Most gyms have a hair dryer in the locker room. If not, bring one with you.

Use dry shampoo

This will be your new best friend if you use it properly. After that quick sweat drying blow dry, spray your roots with the dry shampoo of your choosing. I personally like the Beyond the Zone Dry Shampoo located at Sally Beauty Supply for $7. If you’re in the mood for a product splurge, look into the TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo for about $19 at your local Ricky’s store. Both dry shampoos will give you nice volume while absorbing your excess oils so you can rock that blowout for one more day…or two!

Have any tips of your own? Share your best advice in the comments below!