How to Select Living Room Furniture from Watson’s

Posted January 23, 2022 by in Decor

Is it time to redesign your living room? This space is probably the most significant for family members, as many families spend most of their time there and welcome their guests. 

Consequently, your living room isn’t only expected to be aesthetically pleasing but comfortable too. The selection of furniture affects the mood and comfort household members, and guests have in this space. 

These tips are helpful in selecting the best living room furnishings.

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Plan Your Area

Choosing living room furniture should start by planning your room area and creating a floor plan. Take measurements by using a tape measure to calculate the room’s dimensions. Once you measure everything, you should draw up a floor plan or a couple of different ideas for the placement of furnishings while ensuring enough space is left around each piece of furniture. See this page for twelve timeless living room layout ideas. 

Moreover, doorways need to be measured as well for the furnishings you order to be able to pass through them, as some come assembled. This is the right time to start considering the color and shape of your furniture. The colors you select have an influence on the mood of your space. Regarding shape, furnishings with round shapes are believed to occupy more space than those with rectangular shapes. 

Select the Furnishings

After planning your area carefully, you should continue by selecting your furnishings. Begin by purchasing the basics, including a sofa, coffee table, armchair, side table, etc. These objects should be taken care of first prior to adding any additional pieces. Your new furnishings should be sturdy and solid, which prevents you from replacing them every couple of years. 

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Furthermore, fabrics should be long-lasting and stain-resistant, particularly if having young children in the family. All pieces need to be coordinated to make the space look great together, which can be done by adhering to a theme. Visit this website,, for some decorating ideas. 

The furniture you purchase should be sized properly to fit your space instead of cluttering it. After picking out the basic pieces, you should pick out complementary pieces that fit around the basic ones while providing enough space to move. 

Consider the Construction

Furniture construction is an imperative factor when shopping at Watson’s or any other home store. Solid wood is of impeccable quality but, nowadays, most furnishings are only imitations to wood pieces. The most used composite materials for making living room furniture include particleboard, MDF, and solid wood. 

Particleboard is a composite material made from waste wood and resin, which is later painted. It’s inexpensive but far weaker than other fiberboards. Although it looks fine from far away, a closer inspection reveals its inferiority to solid wood. If the laminate peels off, the interior is bound to crumble as well. 

Additionally, particleboard isn’t resistant to moisture because of expanding when absorbing water. The majority of stores, like Watson’s Home Store, offer an extensive assortment of living room furniture constructed from different materials. Conversely, MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard whose density is greater than particleboard. While often used instead of solid wood, MDF also expands when damp and results in cracking. 

Needless to say, solid wood is unquestionably the wisest material choice for living room furniture. It ages well and retains its appealing look even forty years after the purchase, becoming even more beautiful owing to its character flaws. Wooden furniture is unique, as no two wood pieces have the same look. 

Wooden furnishings have to be cared for properly to look attractive in any space. Homeowners should keep them out of direct sunlight, as the sun tends to bleach and degrade wood. Harsh chemicals shouldn’t be used on wooden surfaces, as they might stain them. Regular cleaning and polishing are recommended to keep them in solid condition. 

Choose a Theme

Homeowners buying living room furniture are provided with an array of themes, including modern, traditional, old-world, wooden Amish, casual, and others. Modern furnishings have sleek and clean lines, available in neutral tones lie white, cream, and beige. These are mainly constructed from solid wood, glass, and metal.

In contrast, traditional furniture is elegant and formal, including ornate details. These furnishings can be purchased in natural and rich colors. The old-world theme represents a combination of Spanish, French, and Italian design. It looks rustic, as antique pieces in earthy tones are used in this interior design theme. 

Wooden Amish furniture is handcrafted, strong, and durable. Material choices include red oak, cherry wood, maple, white oak, hickory, walnut, etc. Conversely, casual furnishings are comfortable, functional, and cozy, available in many plaids and patterns. 

The appearance, quality, and design of furnishings are incredibly important in choosing living room furniture. 

Decorate in neutral colors but add some accent too!