How To Select The Best Garage Doors For Your Home

Posted December 1, 2021 by in Decor

Garage doors are a great way to enhance the appearance of your house’s exterior. However, there are several factors you must count on while buying or ordering a new garage door. Choosing the right garage door is essential if you want to pull off the outward look.

Whether you are buying a garage door for your new home or replacing the old one that has been worn out after years of use, you must consider the following steps to make the right choice. 


Measuring the height and width of your garage door is the foremost step. It will help you in choosing the material, colour, and design. Also, it has an immense impact on your budget. Knowing the dimensions can help you know how much it will be to have a garage door installed



Most of us who look for an aesthetic, earthy tone to incorporate in our house go after woodwork. The same goes for the garage door. This natural material makes your garage door a timeless beauty. However, if you want to install a wood garage door, you must be ready for its maintenance as it requires proper care.

Customization is possible in wood, but then, you will also need to extend your budget. 


Steel is the most durable, affordable, and high-end performance material for the garage door. It can withstand high pressure, dent, and thunderstorms; hence an ideal material to opt for if you are looking for a “tough” garage door. It also comes in variable thickness so that you can also order a lightweight garage door in steel. Since steel is a budget-friendly material, it is a widely used material in garage doors. 


Raised Panels: The most conventional yet sophisticated style for the garage door is using raised panels. Though they are common, they add beauty to the overall look of your garage door. 

Carriage: This style brings rustic vibes and makes your garage door look classic. As the name indicates, this style reminds us of the door on the old carriage houses. If you want this style, you should consider whether it would work well with your home style and architecture. 

Modern: Garage doors on contemporary houses comprise aluminum or glass material usually. But, you can also customize them in steel that looks so sleek and elegant and complements a variety of house styles. 

Insulation and R-Value

Have you heard before about the insulation or R-Value? It’s a fact that the higher the R-Value of your garage door, the better will be its insulation.

Why do you need an insulated garage door? Having an insulated garage door is of great importance if you often use that area as a living space or have a conditioned living space next to the garage. A well-insulated, highly resistant to heat flow garage door is a perfect tool to adjust the energy efficiency of your house.


The colour of your garage door really matters! It can make or break the exterior appearance of your house. Therefore, the colour must appeal to the beholder’s eyes. Lighter tones are often preferred for garage doors, such as white, light grey, brown, or beige. However, now, dark grey and black are also in trend for a change.

Note: It isn’t necessary to match the colour of your garage door to your front door. However, try to select the colour that blends well with your house scheme. 


Though we mentioned it last, the budget comes at the top of your priority if you want an inexpensive garage door. There’s no need to worry about it, even if you have a tight budget for your new garage door. We would suggest you only not compromise on the material and quality of your garage door. Ask for the advice of a reliable garage door supplier to get a new and elegant door installed at an affordable price. 

All these factors have a significant share in helping you to choose a garage door that will truly compliment your house. So, don’t forget to look for these things before buying a new garage door.

*Photo by Luis Yanez