How to Select the Best Texas Wines for Your Holiday Dinner with Family

Posted September 13, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The holiday season in the US begins in November. It’s all about enjoying holiday dinners with family for Texans, relishing savory food infused with German-American and Mexican-American cultures.

And having top-rated Texas fine wines alongside your Texas-style food can take your holiday dinners with your family to the next level. Reputed online stores feature award-winning wines, upholding the rich wine heritage of the Lone Star State. 

Here’s how you may select the best Texas wines at these outlets for a holiday dinner with your family.

Look for Texas Wines Made from The Best Locally Sourced Grapes

Texas boasts Eight AVA wine-growing regions, out of which the Texas High Plains accounts for 80% of the grapes grown in the state. 

When looking for Texas wines, check if the online stores offer brands that have their wines made from high-quality grapes locally sourced from such top regions. Online outlets provide wines from grapes grown in the prosperous vineyards in Texas, such as Brownfield in the Texas High Plains. 

Since the grapes are of superior quality, you are sure to relish premium Texas wines at your holiday dinner with your family.

Ensure You Pick Texas Wines Made from Popular Texas Grape Varieties

Tempranillo and Viognier are the top grape varietals that shine in the Lone Star State. The reason is that Texas offers the perfect environment for their growth. While Tempranillo requires a short growing season, Viognier grows in warm weather.

Ensure you pick Texas fine wines for your holiday dinner with your family, made from such grape varieties, most popular in Texas. Leading online retailers offer wines sourced from other grape varietals that the state is known for, such as Marsanne and Syrah, offering you a taste of authentic Texas wine.

Pick Texas Wines That Match Your Holiday Dinner Spread

Typically, Texans love relishing barbecued beef brisket, macaroni and cheese, and green bean casserole on holiday dinners with their families.

If you and your family love eating these local favorites during holiday dinners, you need to select Texas wines that complement such fatty and meaty meals. Experts suggest looking for wines, more acidic or sweeter than your food. 

You may pair creamy mac ‘n cheese with an equally rich Syrah. On the other hand, online stores feature top-rated red wines, a specialty in the Texas region, that best pair with bold-flavored meats, such as red meat.

Check for Dessert and After-dinner Texas Wines

A holiday dinner in Texas cannot be complete without a pecan pie for dessert. Though it’s a Southern US tradition, the Texas-style recipe of this pie is what the locals love to enjoy.

If you have similar desserts to complete your dinner, experts recommend choosing sweeter red Texas wines that work well with the nuttiness of these pies.

Renowned online outlets offer different Texas wines, including red, white, sparkling, and dessert wines. You may pick those that go well with your dessert and after-dinner food.

Find A Reputed Online Store

While Texas is the 5th largest wine-producing US state, it celebrates October as the “Texas Wine Month.” It is the best time to buy premium quality Texas wines for the holiday season.

So, locate a top online outlet and select a wide variety of Texas wines for your holiday dinner with your family, which you will remember for years together.

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