How to Serve Alcohol at Your Next Event

Posted February 13, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Serving alcohol at an event can be fun to entertain your guests. But there are also some risks that you should be aware of when planning your next event.

It’s important to plan well to avoid potential issues with guests or employees. Here are a few tips to help you serve alcohol at your next event safely.

Alcohol license

If you’re planning to serve alcohol at your next event, getting a license is important. It will help you keep track of your guests and ensure they only drink legal alcoholic beverages.

Most states require certification and strict liquor law that requires all businesses that sell or serve alcohol to have a permit from the state. However, this can be done with Illinois BASSET certification online, and it’s worth the effort.

You can find out what license you need by checking with your city or county. In many cases, these licenses can be applied online or in person. This will help you save time and money, especially if you’re new to the industry.

Calculate your number of guests

Whether planning an event or serving drinks at your next party, calculating the number of guests is always important. This affects all aspects of your plans, from the food and venue to your budget.

Fortunately, there are several ways to estimate the number of guests. You can use online space calculators that calculate how much square footage you need for your event.

  1. You can use a guest list management tool to track all RSVPs. This will help you stay organized and ensure enough space for no-shows, plus-ones, and rescheduled guests.
  2. You can also measure how many people enter and leave your event to determine your overall guest count. This is especially helpful if your event venue is rectangular.

Using these techniques, you can get a good idea of how many people will attend. Once you know your guest count, you can start to plan your event and choose the best catering option. But remember that no matter how well you estimate your party size, there will always be some unforeseen circumstances that could impact your guest count.

Know the type of event

Choosing the right type of event is critical to your overall success. Everything must be in sync with your theme, from the venue you choose to the kind of catering and drink tickets you use.

Whether you’re hosting a company party or a seminar, there are some key things to consider.

Strategic layouts for this event include a classroom setup with plenty of space for breakout rooms and discussion areas. 

Train your staff

If you want to serve alcohol at your next event, ensure all your staff is properly trained. This ensures that you can minimize the liability of your business while keeping your employees safe.

Training your employees is also a great way to build their confidence and improve their performance. It will also help them to become key figures in your company.

When serving alcohol, it is best to serve food from the event’s start to ensure that employees aren’t drinking on an empty stomach. You can also decide to offer a variety of interesting, non-alcoholic beverages.

Implement a strict ID system

There are several laws that you should be aware of when serving alcohol. First, in many states, it is illegal to sell alcohol to someone under 21 without a valid ID.

Educating your staff on how to check an ID properly is also important. For example, they should know how to look for raised edges, glue lines, or bumpy surfaces on an ID.

People often have to show ID for several activities, such as cashing a check or boarding an airplane. However, these are different from proving their identity for voting purposes.

Arrange transportation

It’s a good idea to make arrangements with a local cab company or ridesharing service so that guests can get a free/reduced-fare ride to and from your event. It’s also a good idea to encourage employees to carpool. This will reduce the risk of intoxicated guests getting behind the wheel and hurting someone or themselves.

The most common liability associated with alcohol is when an employee gets into an accident or harms himself after consuming excessive alcohol at a company-sponsored event. This can put your business at risk, so it’s important to minimize the chances of this happening. The best way to do this is to ensure that all staff members know how to serve alcohol responsibly and that they are trained in this area.

Serve non-alcoholic drinks 

As well as alcoholic beverages to ensure that everyone has something to drink. Approximately 33 percent of Americans do not drink alcohol at all, so it is important to cater to them as much as possible to make their experience at your event enjoyable.

Several states have strict laws governing the delivery of beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails, so check with your state’s Department of Liquor Control to see if any specific rules apply to your area.

Establish accountability  

In all aspects of your life, by clearly defining your goals. Accountability also means having the drive and commitment to get better at what you do at home and work. 

Many people cannot drink alcohol for reasons including pregnancy, scheduling, personal beliefs, dieting, or being designated driver. It is important to offer your guests non-alcoholic options when you are hosting a party so that they can enjoy the experience without feeling like they are being left out of the fun.

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