How to Set Up the Perfect Craft Room

Posted March 6, 2020 by in Home
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Finding your craft is an admirable pastime, which means you need to be sure that the craft room you set up is exactly what you need. Here’s how:

Position Yourself Where You Feel Most Inspired 

Your craft is a creative outlet, which means you need to perform it where you feel more creative and inspired. Building a craft station on the edge of your living room or kitchen might not make you feel free enough to create your best work. Think about what inspires you most. Would being near a window with a great view help you? Would you rather be in a quieter room at the back of the house, away from everything? Or would being out in the garden help you the most? 

Take the time to understand how you best work and set up your craft room in the ideal position. 

Stock Up on All Your Supplies 

You don’t want to be right in the middle of your craft time to realize that you’ve run out of something you desperately need. When you’re in the creative zone, having to stop because you don’t have the right materials is very counterproductive. 

To ensure that you always have what you need and can order specific items any time you like, you would be best finding a professional supplier like Manhattan Wardrobe Supply whose stock you can browse online always to make sure you have what you need in your craft room, whenever you need it.

Have a Clear Storage System 

Shelves, shelves and more shelves! Keep yourself organized in a way which will enable you to see all the materials and supplies you have – that way, you can better recognize when something is low in stock or missing. 

Storing everything in an organized way also helps to keep your mind clear and free for thinking about your actual craft, rather than misplacing any items or worrying where you put something. 

Having shelf storage fixed on the wall also helps to clear up more floor space for your craft, instead of boxes and storage taking up valuable room. 

Think About the Space You Need 

Different crafts require different amounts of space. Consider the following questions: 

  • Do you need a large worktable? 
  • Do you need a space to measure items, such as fabric
  • Does your workspace need to be flat as a table, or can it be propped up, such as an easel on a stand? 
  • Do you need extra space to store finished work, such as to prop up paintings as they dry, or to model clothes items on a stand?

Try to Keep Your Craft Room Separate

Your craft room needs to be a room you can escape to, which is dedicated only to your craft. Combining your craft room with other ventures, such as a spare bedroom or home office, only serves to stop your mind from focusing entirely on your pastime.

You don’t want to be distracted or thinking about work or other areas of your life when you’re in your craft room, so try to keep it as its own, solitary space, which you can close the door on when you’re not using it. 

How to Set Up the Perfect Craft Room

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