How To Sew Patches On Denim Yourself

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As classic as denim is, it’s making a comeback. From its roots in the 70s until its dayglow fame in the 90s, everyone’s excitement to wear denim in modern street fashion is palpable. Denim fashion trends gain the most ground in the fall. Even then, they’re still great clothing all year. How do you make this timeless fashion better?

It’s all in the patches. Depending on the patchwork, you can look super chic, super badass, and everything in between.

You have to learn how to sew patches on denim. Knowing how to put patches on a denim jacket can save you a ton of money. You also get the best custom styles. If you don’t know where to get custom patches then contact a patch maker like Vivipins and get decorative patches first.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to sew on a patch. It’s not that hard. All you need are the correct tips:

patches on denim

A Brief History of Denim and Patches

Before we get into how to put patches on denim jacket, we need to learn a brief history of denim and patches. This will give you a newfound appreciation for the material. It will also give you insight on how to make the most out of the style.

Denim has history well beyond what we know today. It goes as far back as India with the prototypical dungaree and France. Denim’s name comes from its original production city of Nimes, which went by the name “Serge de Nimes”.

Denim’s introduction to America came by the way of the workers. Cowboys and miners needed a more durable fabric for their heavy workload. Denim became the material of choice with its impressive strength.

As for how to sew a patch on jeans, its modern iteration comes from the ‘70s fever. In the ‘70s, hippies and bikers started to sew patches. Everyone went with the look as it had a variety of purposes.

Teenagers used embroidery and learning how to put patches on a jacket to pass time. Bikers and club members used patches to identify their memberships. Disco queens and hippies added their own colorful styles as well.

If you want to rock patchwork, you need to know how to sew on a patch. Pre-made patch pants will cost you at least $60. Chic couture brands can go as high as $1300, which is absurd. 

Here’s how you get cheap fashion items for pennies on the dollar.

Things You Need To Sew Patches

There are a few things that you need before you learn how to put patches on denim jacket. These include:

  • Denim jacket or pants
  • High strength medium-sized needle
  • Patches
  • Pins
  • Thimble for protection
  • Washable glue

If you’re looking for something decorative, you can find patches for sale online. These will have different styles, which will include something for all ages. There are also different sizes you can use for different parts of the body.

  1. Position Your Patches

The first thing you need to know how to sew a patch on jeans is knowing where to put it. Small patches are best to put on back pockets, with medium patches should be around the upper hip area.

When it comes to learning how to put patches on a jacket, the location depends on your jacket design. The best locations should be where people will see the patches at a glance. This includes the upper back, upper arms, and the lapel area.

Specific patches like official memberships and even scout badges will have official designations as well.

  1. Lay Down Your Denim Fabric

Lay down your denim jackets or pants on a flat surface. Make the fabric as flat as possible, removing any creases or wrinkles. It’s best to work on one major section of the material first, working on the torso, back pockets or the limbs.

On you laid your fabric, position the patches. Rearrange them with a good balance. Don’t overload one side more than the other too much.

How to put patches on a jacket means you’re finding the right combination of aesthetics. Bigger patches are better alone. Smaller patches may be ok in small groups.

  1. Pin and Secure Your Patches

Use a pin to secure the patches in place. If you want to learn how to sew on a patch, use two or more pins to prevent the patch from moving. Connect the pins on the center so you can sew patches around their edges.

  1. Thread Your Needle

Thread your needle. You can single thread, double thread or even quadruple thread your needle. Double and quadruple threads can make your stitches durable, at the cost of possible frays and bad knots.

A single thread is best for discreet stitches on thinner material. How to put patches on denim jacket with a single thread? The answer is to double your stitches.

  1. Start Stitching

When you’re ready, knowing how to sew a patch on jeans starts by doing the stitches around the edges. You want to be around 2 to 3mm away from the edge on the outer rim.

The stitches should be as small and compact as possible. If you can, make them as small as 4mm or less. Push down the needle and move it away from the jacket.

Stitch around and repeat it until you cover the entire circumference. Once you cover the entire outer rim, tie a tight knot below the fabric. If you can, tie a few knots to secure it.

patches on denim jacket

If you want patches on your denim, you have a few options. You can buy from haute couture and spend some good money on them. If you don’t have the moolah to burn, it’s best to learn how to sew patches on denim yourself. 

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