How to Simplify Your Approach to Healthy Living

Posted June 27, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

There are several discussions about healthy living and how it improves the quality of life, and the US ranks 35th on the global health scale. You have probably been exposed to many discussions about increasing water intake, sleeping, skin and oral health, etc. Sometimes people think it always takes big, obvious, and specific decisions to live healthily. However, you’re more likely to achieve results by radically simplifying your approach. This requires breaking things down and considering the minor, hidden details as well. 

Athletic woman playing with hair

  1. Train your mind to adopt a “quality over quantity” approach to life

This applies to everything you do. From your personal and social relationships to your belongings. According to behavior experts, people often attach sentimental value to quantity than quality. The perception of ‘having more’ tends to be interpreted as fulfillment. However, these experts say all it does is fill an emotional or mental void.

Over the years, people have been obsessed with buying material things they may not necessarily need, sometimes unintentionally. Unfortunately, owning so many things can become a burden later in life. This is why it is recommended to adopt a quality over quantity mindset. You don’t have to buy more things for validation. Quality holds more significance than numbers.

  1. Limit your exposure to digital devices

The average American spends a total of seven hours behind the screen. The phone, tablet, TV, and computer are the three main digital devices most adults use. According to science, excessive screen time increases the risk of having inadequate or poor sleep. Additionally, the sedentary nature of excessive screen time may put a person at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. Admittedly, it is difficult to limit exposure to digital devices since they help you carry out daily activities. This is why it requires self-discipline. By deliberately setting limits for yourself, you compel the mind to stick to the new routine.

You would have to replace screen time with something more healthy. For example, you can get active by working out. Walking, cycling or jogging would be beneficial for your health. You can also join clubs or programs that encourage healthy living like the heart disease prevention for fitness junkies program. That will be time well-spent as you tackle healthy living with a different approach.

  1. Declutter the house to positively influence the mind

Have you ever decluttered the house and felt so much at peace with yourself after that? That is the positive influence of decluttering on the human mind. Cleaning your space and making room for only the things you need makes the brain feel relieved and less stressed. According to research done by, it is beneficial to mental health because of the impact on cortisol levels.

Although two adrenal glands above the kidneys produce this stress hormone, it is controlled by the brain. Therefore, by cleaning out the mess, cortisol levels return to normal and impact your mood. Moreover, by decluttering your home, you reduce the maintenance, cleaning, and sorting to do in the house.