How to Slay as a Woman: 4 Ideas that make you more Attractive

Posted April 30, 2022 by in Beauty
Unrecognizable Adult Woman Spraying Perfume on Her Neck

Every woman’s dream is to appear attractive, steal the spotlight, and induce sincere compliments. But, bringing such a dream to reality has always been a challenge for most ladies. 

The truth is, being attractive isn’t as difficult as people think. You don’t have to consult a celebrity stylist or purchase luxurious designers to slay or turn heads. What you need are some brilliant ideas to help you slay easily,  without breaking the bank. 

Unrecognizable Female Hand Spraying Perfume on Wrist

1. Prioritize Your Hygiene

If you are a fan of attractive celebrities like Rihanna, Kristen Bell, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, etc., you’ll notice one thing: they don’t joke with their hygiene. To slay in an outfit, you must ensure that you are clean and smell nice. There is nothing more discouraging or unpleasant than a person who appears well dressed but smells the dump yard. No one who wants to come close to such individuals not to speak of admiring them.

To make an uplifting foundation for anything else you do with your appearance, always begin your day with a nice shower, a bath, or a quick freshen-up session. Groom your hair using the right products, clean your skin, and ensure that your underwear is clean. When you prioritize your hygiene, it becomes a plus to your overall appearance.

2. Find Your Signature Perfume

Many women focus more on their appearance and less on how they smell. No one wants to talk with an attractive lady that smells awful. So if you want to slay, you’ll have to dress well and smell nice. When selecting a perfume to use, ensure you go for one that suits your personality and creates a charming atmosphere around you.  

A good perfume will attract the right people to you, so ensure you go for an interesting, sensual perfume that fits your personality and style perfectly. But, this doesn’t mean you should overuse your perfume. Doing so can make people feel uncomfortable around you. A few spritzes on areas like your neck and hair will do. The lesser, the better.

3. Flaunt Your Curves

To slay, you must learn how to flaunt those attractive body features like your curves. Rather than conceal those beautiful curves like your hips, wear clothes that flaunt them. Put on dresses that compliment your figure, and feel free to sway a little when you walk. A study from a renowned University in Texas found that women’s attractiveness increased by 50% when they walked with a hip sway. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the shape of your hips, consider wearing a waist trainer for women to accentuate your hourglass figure. An hourglass figure is the universal standard of beauty. Men love them and ladies covet them because they complement one’s beauty, making one stand out. 

4. Display Some Arm (Skin)

Ladies sometimes show off their legs to appear attractive. But you don’t have to do that to make heads turn. Showing off your arms can boost your attractiveness while maintaining your decent look. In fact, a study discovered that men are attracted to long arms. So you can start wearing sleeveless tops whenever you need to boost your confidence.

Person Wearing Gold Bracelet and Rings

The little things most people often ignore matter when it comes to slaying as a woman. And contrary to what people think, you don’t need to be a celebrity to slay. What you need are the right slaying tips plus some confidence to spice things up, and you are good to go.