How to Source Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Posted April 30, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Newlyweds holding bright bouquet of flowers

Your wedding day can be memorable and lovely without costing you and your family an arm and a leg. To make this possible, try to keep things simple and celebrate yourself and your partner. The most memorable moments of your wedding will include gathering with your family and friends. 

Happy woman in wedding dress holding warm toned bouquet

Book an Appropriately Sized Venue

If you plan on 100 guests, don’t book your celebration in a spot that can hold 300 people. You want your floral arrangements to shine, rather than looking like tiny islands of color in a space that is too big.

Start Early

Once you set a date, start making weekly stops at second-hand stores and thrift stops. Look for vases that you can use to decorate the tables in your reception venue. For example, you can start collecting white milk glass vases. These vases, wrapped in a pretty bow of your wedding colors, can hold greenery and a fresh rose.

Create Spots of High Visibility

While visiting second hand shops, keep an eye out for small tables or nesting tables. Small tables are a lovely spot to feature a larger floral arrangement; you can cover the table in fabric that matches your colors and show off the professional arrangements from your Canberra wedding florist.

Pair Greenery and Candles

Not all floral displays need flowers to be beautiful. For example, tall taper candles clustered around a fern can be a lovely addition to an evening wedding service. Consider investing in oil tapers that won’t lose height over the course of your service; tall tapers will need filled with oil, but they won’t burn down like a tall candle will.

Stay in Season

There are flowers that are easy to purchase year-round, but other plants don’t lend themselves to yearly use. If you have a flower that you love more than any other and you must have it at your wedding, schedule your big day when that flower is easy to get and load the space in your favorite.

Take Advantage of Packages

Your floral designer and florist may be able to put together a package deal for you; for example, it may be easiest to buy a floral package that includes 

  • corsages for the mothers
  • boutonnieres for the groom, dads and groomsmen
  • nosegays for the bridesmaids
  • a bouquet for the bride

Consider putting together your floral packages in separate bundles; the flowers for your reception venue don’t need to be as involved as the flower displays in the wedding venue.

Invite the Wedding Party In

Your wedding party can join you for the decorating fun! If your bridesmaids and groomsmen are interested, schedule a floral arranging class at a local craft store for a night of fun and use these arrangements at your reception venue. Bring small baskets to the class so you can get ideas for your flower girls as well. If you plan to have petals scattered in the venue, silk petals will be easier to clean up right after the wedding event.

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