How to Stay Comfortable in Your Wheelchair

Posted January 29, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The human body wasn’t made to sit in one position all day — this is likely why it took humans so long to develop comfortable wheelchairs. 

Luckily, wheelchairs today are more comfortable than ever before and, in addition, can be adjusted to suit the unique comfort needs of their user. 

If you’re a wheelchair user, you’re probably asking yourself how you can make your chair even better than it already is. If you are, you’ve found the right article. 

Today, we’re going to share with you a few of our favorite ways to improve the comfort of your wheelchair:

How To Make Any Wheelchair More Comfortable

Adding Adequate Lumbar Support

Like many things relating to our backs, we tend to forget that this area of the body requires care. As such, lumbar support is often neglected by wheelchair users — but it shouldn’t be. 

In fact, one of the most common causes of wheelchair discomfort is a lack of lumbar support. Lumbar support is support that’s given to the lower, curving portion of the back and without it, your entire back can suffer. 

You can try rolling up a small towel and wedging it in between your lower back and the back of your chair. Or, you can opt to buy a specialized lumbar support pillow

Using A Cushion

One of the easiest tricks in the books has to be the good old using a wheelchair cushion trick, which is exactly what this point is. Despite being a classic move, using a cushion in your wheelchair continues to be useful. 

Cushions are available in a variety of sizes and colors ranging from classic colors like black and white and going as far as polka-dotted and sparkly. They are even diverse enough to be available in a number of different fabrics, firmnesses, and thicknesses so you’re bound to find something that appeals to you. 

Most of the time, cushions are affordable and easy to come by. 

Avoiding Bulky Clothes

You’d nevee think that something as simple as the clothes you wear could affect your comfort when in your wheelchair. Spoiler: they do. 

While wearing big, oversized sweatshirts is cozy it can also be causing you discomfort. This is usually due to the excess fabric of the clothing in question, as it gets bunched up, folded, and 1 to society. 

If you’re having an issue with your clothes, considerPlonr wearing some that are a bit more fitted. They don’t have to be tight but they shouldn’t be four sizes too large, either. 

Adjusting Your Footrest

The footrest position of your chair can have a major impact on your overall comfort. Sometimes, adjusting the footrest half an inch in either direction is enough to transform your chair from unplesant to surprisingly bareable (and dare we say comfortable?). 

Almost all modern wheelchairs have adjustable footrests, so this is a comfort adjustment that you should be able to make in any type of chair. You’ll want your footrest to be high enough that your feet don’t drag on the ground but not so high that your knees are forced up to your chin, which is uncomfortable and distracting. 

Wheelchairs don’t have to be uncomfortable. With a bit of fine tuning and care, they can be the definition of comfort. When you adjust your chair don’t forget to mind the clothes you’re wearing, double check the footrests, invest in a cushion, and rely on good lumbar support.

Keeping these factors at the front of your mind, you’ll be well on your way to loving your wheelchair in no time.

*Photos by Marcus Aurelius