How to Still Look Sexy While Traveling

Posted March 1, 2022 by in Traveling

If you’re in college, Spring Break officially starts today. This means there’s going to be more people than usual at airports, train stations and bus stations over the next week. Sadly, we all usually look like crap when we travel: sweat pants, ugly running sneakers, messy hair and smeared makeup.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane tomorrow morning or two months from now, follow these tips to still look stylish and presentable 40,000 miles up in the air.

1. Skip the makeup

Instead, make BB Cream your new bestie. Apply it when you leave your house and then again when you’re about to get off the plane, train, bus or automobile.

If you feel like you need something else, wear a light pink lip color. We really like the Super Salve in Rhubarb from Billie. If you have an important engagement to attend the second you arrive, keep your makeup in your bag and apply it in the bathroom either right before you land or the second you get to your destination.

Quick Tip: Re-apply the BB Cream, add mascara and then red lipstick once you get to your destination. Red lips are always sexy: no one will have any idea you’ve been in traveling for hours.

2. Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses will hide your tired, jet-lagged eyes, as well as the fact that you aren’t wearing much makeup. They’ll also help you fall asleep.

3. Stay hydrated

When we fly, our skin freaks out; the air is stale and dry. Just make sure you drink more water than usual during the days leading up to your trip to prevent your skin from getting blotchy and dehydrated. If you want to go the extra mile, purchase the Evian facial spray. It’ll moisturize, tone and refresh your skin. Just spray it on your face once you land and then re-apply your BB Cream.

4. Don’t wear sweatpants

Yes, they’re comfortable. But save them for the gym. There’s so many other pants out there that are comfortable and stretchy. Wear a pair of black or blue jeggings, a loose white, grey, or chambray button-up and a faux leather jacket. If you’re traveling to a place that’s warmer than your home base, have a tank top stored in your carry-on.

Don’t think you’d be comfortable enough is pants like these, try a pair of stretchy harem pants in a fun print. Below, fashion blogger Brittany Arroyos is wearing an outfit perfect for brunch with friends and traveling.

5. Wear cute flats or oxfords

They’re cute, stylish and comfortable. You’ll also get through security faster with slip on flats that you would if you were wearing sneakers. Ankle boots with a slight heel aren’t a bad choice either.

6. Rock the high bun

Lucky for us, it’s currently very trendy. That way, your hair won’t be a problem the whole trip. You could also blow dry your hair and then put it into a braid. Once you get to your destination, take the braid out and shake your hair out for sexy beach waves.

Whether you’re traveling to an exotic island for eight hours, or riding a train to see your ‘rents for half a day, do it in style!