How to Stop Spending a Fortune on Clothes

Posted February 1, 2022 by in Fashion
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It is always great to update your wardrobe once in a while, especially if you want to experiment with new styles for the next season or have a special occasion coming up. While treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy can be a lot of fun, have you ever wondered how much you’re truly spending on clothes and accessories each year? Not only this but how often do you wear these items or need to replace them because they haven’t lasted?

If you want to save more money this year but would still like to refresh your style, here are a few tips on how you can stop spending a fortune on clothes each year:

how to stop spending so much money on clothes

Buy Quality Clothing

If you are someone who does enjoy a shopping spree, you might find yourself shopping for new outfits at stores that have a lower price tag so that you can treat yourself to new clothes more frequently. While some of these cheaper labels are still good quality, cheaper clothing isn’t built to last a lot of the time. You might have noticed tears and holes appearing in your t-shirts and jeans, and particularly cheap shoes don’t last longer than a few months in most cases.

These cheaper price tags might make it appear that you’re saving money, but the reality is that you will spend even more replacing these items within a few months. This is why it is better to invest your money into more expensive but better-quality clothing that will last for years. If you want to see an example of quality, stylish, and still affordable clothing, look at Sweet Salt’s modern house dresses.

Learn to Sew

Another way to help you save money on clothes each year is by learning how to sew. Yes, you can make clothing items yourself if you have the skills, but this is more about knowing how to repair rips or holes in your clothes should any appear. Even if you can’t stitch these things back together in a neat line, you could look into patching up the tears, which works particularly well for jeans.

Knowing how to make these simple repairs to your clothes will mean you feel less of a need to purchase new items to replace them with.

Shop Second-Hand

You can find lots of quality clothing at thrift stores if you’re willing to take the time to look, and they will always usually be cheaper than if you were to shop for brand-new items. This is also a more sustainable way to shop, and you are giving people’s preloved outfits a new lease of life. If you need to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe but don’t want to break the bank, start your search in a thrift shop or look for people selling their old clothes online and see what beautiful pieces you can find.

If you enjoy revamping your style fairly regularly but don’t have the cash to keep spending on new clothes, consider the tips above to see how you can stop spending a fortune each on outfits each year.

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