How to Style Men’s Sandals With Your Outfits

Posted October 6, 2022 by in Fashion

Sandals are synonymous with comfort and have been a popular choice amongst men worldwide. However, many men still get self-conscious wearing them and cannot figure out the correct style. Undoubtedly, their functionality beats the fashion statement, making them a perfect choice for summer. Yet, sandals aren’t just functional; they also look cool and chic. Although they might not be the right fit for your formal wear, they go well with other outfits. These versatile footwear come in various styles and designs. Pick any outfit from your wardrobe, and you can match them with a sandal of your choice. We have curated a few appealing combinations for you.

With Suits

You might say no to the idea of wearing a well-tailored suit with sandals. Of course, traditionally, this will be a failed style statement. However, with the introduction of smart and casual tailored suits, sandals seem to be doing just fine with them. Remember that not every sandal goes well with suits, and you should not opt for flip-flops or casual sandals. Certainly, it would not gel along with the fine tailoring of your suit. Do not choose big logos; instead, go for subtle patterns and small logos. A solid-colored semi-casual shirt with a combination of linen suits will be a perfect choice. Make sure that the contrast between your trousers and sandals is minimal.

With Trousers

Sandals are not the first choice that comes to mind when wearing trousers. After all, they seem to give off a different vibe. Yet, they have become a style statement many influencers and celebrities flaunt in various events. Make sure to cuff your trousers, keep the hem above an inch from your ankle, and then style with sandals. You can easily adjust the straps of your sandals to give them a better fit. Pair your trousers with chinos or casual shirts for a relaxed vibe.

With shorts

If you are looking for a shorts day at the beach, besides a pool or at a barbecue get-together,  mens outdoor sandals such sliders and flip-flops can work the best. Pool sliders and flip-flops are extremely comfortable and come in various colors to give you a comfortable, perfect summer beach getaway.

Ethnic Wear

If you are invited to a traditional wedding with an ethnic dress code, you might wonder what to select as footwear. You might seek comfortable options, especially if you are a dance lover and want to enjoy the wedding. Sandals go well alongside ethnic suits, traditional wears and moccasins. You will have the required comfort, and it can make you even look smarter and trendier.

With Jeans

You should choose the right fit of jeans for yourself to pull off sandals with them. Ensure that the jeans aren’t too flared and they are well-fit. Avoid opting for lighter denim color or a ripped jean look, as it can throw a pretty laid-back vibe along with sandals. Instead, choose dark-colored denim. Moreover, the overall look and feel of the sandals should match with the type of jeans you are wearing. For example, wide-leg jeans go well with sneakers and create a perfect off-duty vibe. Mules can be adjusted from their straps and pair up well with ripped jeans throwing a more casual vibe.

Woman with backwards hat on showing off casual jeans and crop top outfit on a city street during golden hour

Remember that whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans, there is always a right sandal for you. Plenty of men’s sandals are available in the market, and you can pick one that reflects your style statement. You can experiment with the colors, types and various outfits to create a bold or a subtle or a casual look.  In the end, it is always about your personal taste and you should pair what matches your style and comfort.