How to Switch Up Your Hairstyle on a Budget

Posted February 25, 2022 by in Beauty

Even though great hair may look luxurious, you don’t need a ton of money to have beautiful locks. If you’re seeking ways to stay within your budget, here are a couple of hair hacks that you can do that won’t break the bank.

Ask For a Junior Stylist or Apprentice

Find a salon that offers a lower price for a hairstylist in training. Asking for a senior stylist is pricier than if you ask for a newly qualified junior stylist. Don’t be intimidated to ask what your options are, and if there are promotions available. You can also contact beauty schools and student hairdressers to see if they need models. 

Opt for a low-maintenance haircut that won’t require a lot of touch-ups in the future. For example, if you have thick hair you can opt for heavy layers, and for girls with fine hair, a classic blunt cut will do great wonders. Also remember that longer hairstyles can be left for much longer in between cuts than shorter haircuts.  

Go For the Wet Look

If you’re running low on funds, just check the latest hair trends and see which one you can rock without having to buy a new product. One of these trends is the wet hair look, which trend spotters say is fresh-out-of-the-shower look but is actually just the natural texture of your hair in a sleek finish. This does not mean going out while your hair is still sopping wet; to get that “slicked-back” effect, air dry your wet hair until it is slightly damp, then apply a styling mousse or coconut oil if your hair is on the drier side. 

Extend Your Blowouts 

Lessen the number of times you go to a salon for a quick blowout. You can use dry shampoo in the meantime to extend your blowouts to a couple of more days. My personal favorite is Batiste—most affordable when you purchase as a pack of three on Amazon. If you want to splurge, the Perk Up dry shampoo from Amika is a winner.

Accessorise Your Hair

Wearing your hair the same way for months on end is cheap, but boring. To spice things up, you can rely on hair accessories to take your hair to the next level. You can wear a headscarf for a vintage look, wrap a bow on your hair for a feminine vibe, or add a stack of bobby pins for a practical but chic look.

Woman wearing pearl headband and holding flowers

Go the DIY Route

A lot of haircare brands that go viral on Instagram or TikTok have outrageous prices. But are they worth the splurge? Instead of forking over your month’s pay check for a product you’re not sure will work, you can simply come up with your own version. Chances are many of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. You can soften hair with apple cider vinegar, deep condition with honey, tame frizz with coconut oil, or get texturised beachy waves with salt.

Shop the Drugstore Aisles

You can get a cheaper version of that household hair care brand at the drugstore. Just make sure to buy something that has a similar list of ingredients to get a close dupe of the more expensive brand.  

Avoid Overwashing and Overstyling 

Cut down on your hair washing routine and do it every other day. This will help the hair retain its natural oils, and allows you to save on haircare products. This is especially applicable if you have coloured hair, because the colour will stay longer if you wash your hair less often. To help retain your hair’s natural oils – Allurium Beauty could help you decide which product to use

Style Your Hair Differently

If you’re tired of the way your hair looks right now, you can try a new style. Instead of spending on a new cut or treating yourself to a new hair product, you can watch YouTube tutorials for ideas. Even the simple act of changing your parting can help you fall in love with your hair again.

Wear Human Hair Extensions

Want to try this year’s hottest hair colour trend, but don’t want to fully commit? You can wear hair extensions to add a little colour and character to your tresses. You may balk at spending money for hair extensions, but consider it as an investment with an upfront cost that will pay for itself in the long run. With ZALA hair extensions, you no longer have to spend hard-earned dollars on expensive salon appointments and hair care products. 

There’s no better way to transform your locks than with the help of hair extensions. 20 inch lengths of hair will look healthy, shiny, and volumised with hardly any effort from you. There are also ways to save money when buying extensions at ZALA. For instance, you can subscribe to their newsletter and join the store’s rewards program.  

Glossy and healthy hair is possible without making a big dent in your budget when you follow these tips! 

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