How to Take Customer Engagement to the Next Level

Posted November 15, 2019 by in Career
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Customer engagement is one of your most important duties as an entrepreneur. Without consistent customer engagement, you’ll find it far more difficult to retain current customers.

However, it can be hard to determine what you need to do in order to get the ball rolling. Instead of thinking about customer engagement as a number of specific actions you need to cross off a list each day, think of it as an overall mindset that infuses every facet of your brand. 

Read on to learn how to improve your customer engagement with these tips that you can act on today! 

Prioritize Customer Engagement

Your relationship with your customers is the lifeblood of your business. When you prioritize customer engagement, you’re building relationships that keep your current customers satisfied and willing to spread the word about your business. They’re more likely to keep using your products and services. 

The White House Office of Consumer Affairs discovered that 80% of U.S. consumers would rather pay more for better customer experience. Although it may take more time and money to offer better customer service and engagement, the investment is important for the longterm health of your brand. 

Be Human

Social media has had a democratizing effect on small businesses to corporate giants. Celebrities are able to connect one-on-one with fans – companies are able to troubleshoot issues people are having through Twitter or Facebook. 

You’re able to access more of customers’ personal lives than ever before, and you need to create a voice that customers resonate with and trust. Visualize your target audience and consider the personality they would relate to the most. 

Focus on creating customer engagements that center around conversations. Don’t be afraid to make jokes, post memes or gifs, and ask customers what you can do to improve your services or products. 

However, remember that all your communications need to be true to your brand. You also need to be aware of steering clear of offensive jokes that may work for a stand-up comedian on a Friday night – these don’t translate well in a Tweet or Facebook post.

Stay Consistent

Wendy’s, the fast-food giant, is famous for its funny and authentic interactions with customers. Although your brand probably doesn’t offer hamburgers and French fries, their social listening strategy is an important takeaway that you can incorporate in your own social media interactions. 

Your brand voice doesn’t have to be as silly or irreverent to Wendy’s, but you should focus on consistently acknowledging customers on a one-to-one basis. Depending on the size of your brand you may not be able to respond to every customer, but other customers will see your effort and notice that you’re a brand that cares. 

You also need to keep your voice consistent. Just like a style guide, create your own guide to the tone you use when interacting with customers on social media. Maybe you’re just as silly, or maybe you’re polished with a dry sense of humor. Perhaps you have a self-help brand where it’s important to have calming and level-headed responses. 

Personalize Communications

Personalization recognizes customers on an individual level in as many forms as possible. This can be as simple as including your customer’s first name in your emails or sending a birthday greeting and discount on their birthday. 

If you have multiple products and services, you can create surveys that provide recommendations based on customer’s answers. Whatever you choose to do, the goal is to make the customer feel like the valuable individual they are and not like a  revenue-generating wallet. 

When new customers sign-up for your mailing list or purchase their first product, send them a welcome message that encourages them to reply if they have any questions. Personalized communication sets the tone for your customer’s overall experience of your brand. 

Provide Valuable Content

Your brand needs to be consistently generating new content in order to effectively market. If you focus on always providing valuable content, your current customers will trust your brand more, and you’ll enhance the experience for new customers. 

Create how-to articles or videos on how to make the most of your product or service. Educate customers about the benefits of your business. If you’re delivering them a product, provide them with steps on tracking certified mail. Give them non-biased tips on how to find and choose the best businesses to solve their problems. 

Be Generous

Everyone likes freebies and rewards, and providing customers with rewards for simple actions creates a positive feedback loop for engagement. For instance, if you want customers to leave more reviews, provide reward points for each honest review that goes towards their next purchase. 

If you’d like customers to spread the word about your brand, you can give discounts for each new referral they provide. Instead of thinking about how much money you could have made if you hadn’t given a customer a freebie or reward, consider how it improves your business’s growth for the longterm. 

A common thread with all these customer engagement tips is creating a customer-first mentality. Instead of seeing your business through the eyes of monetary gains and losses, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and consider what you can do to improve their experience in all areas of your brand. As you consistently improve your customer engagement, you’ll find that profits and growth will naturally occur. 

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