How to Thank Your Wedding Party

Posted January 25, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Bride walking with Bridal Party

Planning a small or large wedding can be a stressful experience. Yet, your wedding party will remove some of the pressure on your shoulders to help you enjoy the experience.

If you are lucky enough to have supportive bridesmaids, a thoughtful best man, and a kind-hearted maid of honor, you will likely want to express your appreciation on your big day. Continue reading to learn how to thank your wedding party.

Bride with bridesmaids

Pay for Their Wedding Accommodation

If you are staying at a hotel a night before the ceremony, it is the happy couple’s responsibility to cover their wedding party’s accommodation. As accommodation often isn’t cheap, it can remove some financial pressure from their shoulders. Also, express your gratitude even further by paying for their hotel room on your wedding night, especially if the reception venue is far away from their homes.

Book a Relaxing Spa Treatment

If you have a big wedding budget, treat your bridesmaids, best man, or mother of the bride to a spa treatment. As they may have taken some of the stress of wedding planning away from you, a massage might be a perfect way to express your appreciation. Plus, the treatment will allow them to relax and unwind before your big day. 

Alternatively, they might prefer a facial or manicure a few days before the event. They will look and feel their best when standing next to you at the alter or posing for photographs.

Present Them with a Personalised Gift

A personalized gift will provide your wedding party with a thoughtful keepsake from your wedding. It will not only remind them of the fun-filled event, but it will make them feel valued by you and your partner each time they look at the item.

Choose from different personalised gifts that will wow your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, or groomsmen. For example, they may love a custom glass, initialed hip flask gift set, personalized prosecco, or an engraved disc necklace.

Write a Heartfelt Thank You Card

If you struggle to articulate your thanks face-to-face, write a heartfelt thank you card for your wedding party members. Explain how much you have appreciated their hard work, support, and friendship during the wedding planning process and throughout your big day. 

The meaningful letter is bound to pull at their heartstrings, and they will likely treasure your words forever. Remember to have a box of tissues at the ready, as it might bring a tear to your maid of honor, bridesmaid, or best man’s face.

Thank Your Wedding Party During the Speeches

In addition to writing a thoughtful thank you letter, the happy couple must thank each wedding party member during the speeches. Remember to thank each person specifically and even share the different ways they have helped you and your other half, from calming your wedding jitters to talking to various vendors. It is a small act that will make them feel like an important part of your special day.

*Photos by Joeyy Lee