How to Throw a Budget-Friendly Birthday Party at Home

Posted December 1, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Birthday parties are joyful times for families and friends to get together and celebrate a loved one’s birthday. Throwing a birthday party is a great way to show your love for someone and give them all the attention they deserve on their special day. 

While birthday parties often come with a huge bill, there are plenty of ways to celebrate without breaking the bank. With meticulous planning, avoiding trendy ideas, and sticking to your plan, you can pull off a classy, memorable, and fun birthday party without overstretching your wallet. 

Here are some ideas to help you throw a birthday party on a budget. 

Keep your guest list small

It could be impossible to cut costs when your entire church is invited to your mother’s birthday. Similarly, just because your kid has a 30-strong class doesn’t mean you have to ask them all. Sticking to a “friends only” list that is realistic is the first step to ensuring the party stays within your budget. 

DIY invitations

Why splurge on stationery that will be practically useless even before the party starts? Rather than spending big on designer invitations, you could take the DIY route and make your custom invitations. This way, you can save money for other more critical elements of the party. 

Budget tip: Canva is a great free option for digital invitations.

Plan a feasible theme

Imagine putting on a space-themed or alien-themed party where you have to get the supplies from scratch. No doubt, it will be expensive. But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the idea of a theme party. 

You can put your heads together to pick a theme that is easy and pocket-friendly to execute. Ask your family or friends to pitch their ideas. You can even put people in teams and turn it into a fun game of which team has the best ideas. Double the fun, isn’t it?

 Cut the venue, stay in-house

The biggest expense of a birthday party is usually the venue. One cannot afford to keep a party budget-friendly if it is at a venue. The best trick in the book, perhaps the oldest, is to keep the party at your home. You can set up the party in your backyard, garden, or dining room. It becomes even more intimate and easier to decorate. 

Homemade cakes 

Birthday cakes can be anything from regular storebought to designer cakes that cost in the hundreds. You can slash this cost and turn it into something more personal by baking a birthday cake instead of buying it. Getting your family and friends to join in the cake-making process can become a meaningful bonding experience. What’s not to love? 

Buy wholesale party supplies

This is one of the best tricks to save money. When buying party supplies, make sure you look for a wholesaler. This way, you will have more options and better deals than regular retailers. You can stock up on the supplies and reuse them for another party. 

Polaroid of girls blowing out a birthday cake

These are some of the things you can keep in mind when you are planning your next birthday party. With these tips, you can plan a party that is easy on the pocket, while being as joyful and beautiful as ever. 

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