How to Transform Your Living Room Into 2021’s Granny Chic Style

Posted March 25, 2021 by in Home

Interior renovations are as fast-paced as fashion. Many pieces, decorations and furniture in your house can be outdated or be out of style the next season. That’s why it is important to find feasible materials that you think are versatile to any interior design trend in the future, like the all-time classic vintage rug. The industrial interior became a trend last year. It is the fusion of wood, metals and neutral colours.

So, do you have any idea what will be the biggest interior trend for this year? We think it’s going to be the granny chic style.

What is Granny Chic Style?

In a more general term, this can be referred to as vintage. Some say that this style is like you are pulling things out from your grandmother’s shelves. Safe to say that this is where a vintage rug, table and couple of chairs are handy.

Modern granny chic style is the interior trend for this year, a fusion of old and new. Furniture and some decorations are easy to find. But vintage rugs that are still in good quality are hard to find. Good thing, some shops offer a variety of vintage-looking rugs that will complete your living room granny chic style!

How Important Are Rugs in Your Living Area?

Rugs are more than just a missing piece in your interior puzzle. It has benefits in protecting your family as well. And it is a good way to hide imperfections on your house’s floor. Are you scratched by your little ones or pets? Don’t worry; rugs can keep it covered!

  1. Brighten the room’s colour: For houses built with dark painted walls, furniture and areas that are not well lit, rugs bring the light and increase the colour in that area. Through vibrant coloured rugs, it will elevate and balance the aura of the whole room.
  2. Versatile: Rugs are one of the home decorations that can be placed everywhere. It is moveable and can be placed in whatever part of the house feels like something is missing. Aside from this, rugs are recyclable for every interior trend. It is just a matter of mix and match. Your vintage rug can be used for industrial interior, but it can also be used for your granny chic style! How convenient and cost-efficient.
  3. For safety reasons: If you have little ones that are now running around at home, rugs are essential to protect them from injuring themselves. While if you already have a grown-up, you can place a rug on their rooms, especially if their rooms are on the second floor. To reduce noise from footsteps and dropping of things.
  4. Easier to maintain: Brooms and dustpans are so much work. Cleaning a rug is so much easier; you need a vacuum cleaner, and all dust and dirt are now all gone! This is convenient for parents and even for people who live alone who don’t have much time to scrub the floor or clean the house in general.
  5. Protect the flooring: Same as how it covers up imperfections in your floor, it protects the wooden floor from getting damaged and scratched by other objects such as wheels from your carts and even shoes.

For some people, decorating their home is therapeutic and stress relieving. Especially if at the end of the day, the view of a well-organized home greets you after a long tiring day.