How to Transition Your Clothes from Summer to Fall

Posted September 27, 2013 by in Shopping

Fall is a beautiful time of year — the leaves change color, you indulge in hot cocoa instead of iced coffee and, of course, plenty of holidays are on the horizon. But there is a con to these warm and fuzzy feelings: it’s about to get much colder out, and you need a wardrobe that’s as chic as it is cozy.


Many of us don’t have the luxury of buying a brand new wardrobe every time the season changes, but luckily for us, the key to fall and winter style is layering. With these tips below, you’ll be able to wear your favorite summer items all through the cold months and save yourself from going broke!

1. Add Tights

By adding a pair of tights, you’ll be able to wear your favorite summer dresses all through fall and winter! Tights can even look great with shorts. Add in a pair of boots, a warm coat and you’re set.

My all time favorite tights happen to be from Hue. They don’t snag/run on the first wear like many. I’m also a fan of the Pure Bliss collection from Hanes.

Zooey Deschanel is the queen of adorable dresses and tights. Take a few style pointers from her. P.S. Don’t be afraid of color!

 2. Add a Scarf

Scarves were never the “in” thing (other than to wear under your coat) until recently, so…take advantage of it!

The blogger behind Dulce Candy (above) paired a wine colored scarf, black tights and booties to make her summery dress more fall appropriate.

3. Add a Long Sleeve Shirt

Do have an adorable dress that happens to be sleeveless? Just add a long sleeve shirt in a neutral color to make it fall friendly. Make it extra warm by wearing your favorite boots too!

Can’t picture this working? Neither did I, until I saw Sara Charlesworth and Moorea Seal pull it off so effortlessly!

4. Add a blazer or cardigan

Now that you’ve added tights to your favorite dress, you might still feel a tad chilly. To keep your arms warm, just add a blazer or cardigan! Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee does this so well.

Follow these tips and you’ll feel a little more optimistic about your fall and winter wardrobe. Buying a few pairs of tights, a scarf or two, a black blazer and one or two cardigans will save you from buying a whole new wardrobe of long sleeve dresses and shirts. Make a game out of it, and give yourself a $50 limit. Can you go lower? Try $30!

Think you’ve done a great job transitioning your warm weather wardrobe into fall? Submit your photos to [email protected] to be featured!