How to Transition Your Makeup from Winter to Summer

Posted May 13, 2013 by in Beauty

Summer is creeping up on us fast; it’ll be 80 degrees before you know it! How you apply your makeup in the winter and spring shouldn’t be how you do it in the summer (we’ll tell you why below)…you still have a solid month until it’s officially here, so start adding these things into your life now so you’ll be ready.


1. Self Tanner

Don’t by any means go to a tanning bed — you’ll spend enough time at the beach this summer for a real tan. Instead, start applying Jergens Natural Glow lotion after every shower. That way, you’ll be bathing suit ready on your first beach outing in a few weeks.

2. BB Cream

You really don’t need foundation, powder, blush and eyeshadow everyday during the summer…you’ll just sweat it off. BB Cream is the perfect alternative. We love the BB Cream from Maybelline! If you want to splurge, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Jart.

3. Sheer Foundation + Translucent Powder

If you’re going out and want a full face of makeup and feel BB Cream won’t offer enough coverage, consider purchasing a sheer foundation and a translucent powder. The matte look isn’t very summer friendly and color on color will just make you look cake-y in the heat.

The translucent powder will set your foundation without adding more color. We really like the translucent powder from e.l.f…it’s only $3! If you are in the position to splurge, we’re madly in love with the translucent powder from MAKE.

To really make that foundation survive the heat, consider applying a primer first.

4. Highlight

It’ll change your life, just put a dab on your cheek bones. We like this one from Benefit. It’s worth the splurge…we promise!

5. Clear Mascara

I’m personally a sucker for dramatic eyelashes, but in the summer, it’s so easily smudged — especially if you’re going to spend a great deal of time at the beach or pool. Clear mascara will make your eyelashes stand out without the the worry of water or sweat smudging it. If you’ll miss the dramatic look, just go for a waterproof black.

Your New Summer Routine

  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser.
  • Wear sunscreen, we like this one!
  • Apply your BB Cream (you won’t need any powder, it sets on its own).
  • Add highlighter to your cheek bones.
  • Add a clear or waterproof black mascara
  • Add a chapstick with SPF and apply a light pink lip color over it. We love the Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry.


You don’t need eyeliner, eyeshadow or anything else heavy every day in the summer. If you feel your face is “missing” something, add some blush and bronzer. We like Bahama Mama from The Balm, which works with all skin tones and won’t leave you orange-y.

By the time mid-summer hits, you’ll have a nice natural glow and most likely will no longer need the bronzer and blush. We need it in the fall and winter to add color, but why use it when you already have it?

Also, matte makeup during the fall and winter is gorgeous and it looks very natural since it’s dry out. In the summer, matte makeup looks very un-natural. It’ll actually age you and make your skin look dull. It’s all about sheer in the summer!

Check out this great post from our favorite beauty blogger. She goes into depth on the difference between matte and sheer.


On Extremely Lazy Days

  • Wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF (It’s more sheer than a BB Cream).
  • Add a mascara of your choice
  • Add pink lip color with SPF
  • Add a sassy pair of sunglasses


How do you usually transition your winter to summer look?