How to Use a PEMF Device Properly for Health Benefits

Posted March 9, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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You can use PEMF and items associated with PEMF every day to get health benefits from it. You may also use a device for PEMF more than one time in a day. In general terms, it is recommended that you can do about 30 minutes of PEMF therapy sessions at least two times in a day.

As a general matter of fact, you will need to use PEMF therapy for a long time to actually avail the various health benefits. So, it is pretty much recommended to go around cycles of about 45 to 90 days with a duration of at least three hours each day, unless another thing is indicated by the physician. If it is important, it may become possible to repeat the acquired treatment multiple times in one year.

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How Will PEMF Affect Your Health?

PEMF therapy helps in increasing the lymphatic circulation and the flow of blood in the body. As the therapy of PEMF mechanically helps in the stimulation of the blood flow and the blood vessels, the blood vessels act together to increase the pumping flow of oxygen and blood towards the cells.

PEMF therapy helps in stopping or slowing the overall release of the inflammatory and pain mediators, helping in the increase of the blood circulation, and reinstates the normal cell interaction happening.

No current evidence presents that an animal might be receiving excess PEMF applications in one spot. On the contrary, if the tissues undergo some recent or extensive damage, it might become possible that a contraction of a highly aggressive form might result in more hemorrhage and trauma.

When Not to Use PEMF?

You should not use any PEMF machines if you have any electrical implant in your body, for example a pacemaker. Pregnant women should also avoid using PEMF therapy. It’s also advised that you don’t use one if you have experienced a seizure in the last five years.

PEMF Treatment on Head

PEMF treatment on the head includes the placement of the helmet on your head. Now, you need to connect the helmet to the power source equaling to 220 V. This voltage will lead to an induction of a magnetic field undergoing pulsation. The subjects will need to be given half an hour of the treatment one or two times every day for a period of eight weeks.

Most people only use a PEMF mat for getting their treatment. However, additional tools, such as PEMF helmets can also be used to get added benefits.

What to Wear in PEMF Therapy?

On a general note, the metal implants are okay as long as these are implanted on a doctor’s decision. However, if you are someone with metal implants, you should not undergo PEMF therapy. These will work through the clothing and are not invasive in nature. You should be removing your metal jewelry, electronics, cellular phones, credit cards, key fobs, and all other kinds of things having a strip of magnet in them.

You may use a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device on all days. You will need to undergo cycles of at least 45 days to get full benefits from the treatment. This was all that you needed to know about the key factors about using a PEMF mat properly without getting any negative effects.

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