How to Use a Tattoo Stencil Machine

Posted March 16, 2021 by in Career

Tattoos are not just some meaningless designs on your body. They have much more to it. Johnny Deep said, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” And if you believe the statement, your job as a tattoo artist is not merely drawing but depicting your thoughts on someone else’s skin. 

A tattoo stencil printer helps you to shape your thoughts in reality. But having the best tattoo stencil machine won’t help unless you know how to use it. Therefore, today we will be talking about how to use a tattoo stencil machine that would comprehend your artistic skills. 

But before going directly into the topic, we would like to discuss what is tattoo stencil and why tattooists use it?

What is Tattoo Stencil?

Among the many ways of tattooing, tattoo stencil is one of the easiest and fastest ways. It is more like printing an outline on your skin and then working on that. So, it lessens the time of outlining and makes the process much faster.  

Making a tattoo stencil is a simple DIY but will take some practice and patience to refine your accuracy. The process is an ideal choice if you are willing to test your own designs before involving in a professional application. 

One of the obvious advantages of tattoo stencils is the ease of use to the tattoo artist. The artist simply places the stencil on people’s skin and starts to ink it away. Tattoo stencil is also beneficial for the customer. It offers them practical samples of different tattoos, saving their time thinking. 

How to Use a Tattoo Stencil Machine

So, how can you use a tattoo stencil for tattooing? The procedure is quite simple. But first, you have to check expert’s reviews and get the best tattoo stencil machine for a perfect performance.

Presuming that you have one, let’s learn how to use a tattoo stencil machine by following these steps below:

Things That You’ll Need

  • A tattoo stencil printer
  • Thermal copier paper
  • Stencil stuff
  • Tattoo gloves

How to Use a Tattoo Stencil Printer

Now that you have all the required things, follow these points correctly to use your tattoo stencil machine. 

  1. Plug in the Machine

A Tattoo printer machine runs on electricity. Therefore, to use it, you have to plug the device into a power output source. Once you have plugged the device in, turn the switch on. 

  1. Take Out the Sheets

To use a thermal copier or tattoo stencil machine, you would need to use thermal copier pages. You can purchase these papers online. Usually, a thermal copier page includes a yellow sheet, a brown sheet or ‘onion,’ and a carbon sheet connected together.

  1. Īnsert the Sheets

To insert the tattoo stencil paper into the printer, you first have to open the printer’s lid. Now, remove the brown or “onion” sheet from between the yellow and carbon sheet.

After the separation, take the yellow sheet and feed it forward through the bottom of the copier’s lid until it’s lying over the top of the copier’s core. Make sure the purple carbon is facing down. 

Keep Pulling the yellow sheet until the fold of the paper, where it attaches to the carbon sheet, lines up with the lid’s edge as you close it. Now close the lid, and fold back the yellow sheet until it lies over the top of the thermal copier lid.

  1. Get Your Design

Now that you are set for printing take out your tattoo design. You can print it or draw it on paper and feed it face-down into the opening facing the printer’s lid. Always remember that the final print on the tattoo stencil paper will be reversed. Hence, print accordingly. 

  1. Copy It

After you have put your master copy in the machine, press the “copy” button on it. The design will be copied on the thermal paper. Finally, peel back the carbon layer from the thermal copier paper, and you now have a reversed copy of your actual design.

How To Print Tattoo On Skin?

Before printing the stencil on the skin, you have to prepare the area correctly. Shave hair, clean the area using antibacterial soap, and dry it before applying the stencil. 

Once you are through this process, apply the stencil carefully to the skin. The fluid side should be facing the skin. Now, pat the stencil onto the skin and leave it for a minute or two to set. Refrain yourself from rubbing the stencil, as this may cause the design to blur or smudge.

Finally, carefully peel the tracing paper away when you are ready. Woohoo! Your design is now on the skin, ready for the needle!

A tattoo printer machine amplifies your thoughts by putting them on paper so you’re ready to imprint on someone’s skin. We hope this article on how to use a tattoo stencil machine has helped you in the right way. That said, don’t forget to get the best tattoo stencil machine to start your job right away.