How To Use Dog Treats in Training

Posted June 15, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When it comes to training your dog, a key ingredient is dog treats. This can be a wonderful incentive for a variety of breeds, and most dogs will perform well when they are going to be rewarded.

It can be easy to want to spoil your dog and offer them all of the treats at once, simply just for them giving you those puppy dog eyes. However, when handled correctly, dog treats can be a great tool in training and can be a way to make your dog perform the way you want them to:

Woman outside giving her dog a dog treat.

What Reward Works For Your Dog?

To keep training fun and productive, you need to work with what your dog enjoys.

Puppy training can be a tough time for families, as you have to get used to the behavior and personality of your new dog as well as try to get them to work with your routine. A way to make this time more fun and also more productive for everyone involved is to figure out what your dog likes.

The majority of dog breeds can be rewarded with dog treats. This can be a great incentive to get a dog to perform how you want them to and is a way to make sure they pay attention to the lessons you are providing them.

A lot of dogs work for treats, but the key is finding something they enjoy so they will be more excited to learn and work with you.

Why Use Treats For Training?

There are a lot of benefits to using dog treats during training. 

While there are other options for rewards, including positive reinforcement or playtime, treats are a standard reward that can work for all kinds of dog breeds.

Using treats as a reward and incentive for training is fun and easy.

There are lots of options when it comes to dog treats, so you can stop your puppy from getting bored by offering them something new every time. Treats are also easy to take with you on the go, and they can be given to your dog anywhere, meaning you can continue your training sessions regardless of where you are.

Dog treats can be quite inexpensive, meaning it is easy to obtain them and keep them in your home, so you always have access to them when you want to train your puppy.

Treats can be used as a reinforcer, which means as a way to keep the dog acting as you need them to. They can also be used as a lure that will get your puppy interested in training in the first place. 

Dog treats are a great tool to use for training if they are used correctly.

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Is it Healthy To Give Dogs Treats?

Just like humans, dogs can become overweight and unhealthy through the food they consume.

Dog treats are called such because they should be used as an occasional treat, as a reward for good work. They should not be used to replace their meals or any other kind of nutrition that your dog requires.

Treats should also not be used as a bribe, which will be as a way to make your dog behave well. They should only be used as a lure to get your puppy interested and as a reward. 

Giving your dog treats during training sessions can be a good incentive, but if you are worried about the health of your puppy, there are some alternatives.

Like human snacks, not all dog treats are made the same.

There are some great options for natural dog treats which can be full of nutritions that your puppy requires while also being tasty and therefore something for them to enjoy after training.

All things in moderation are key, and dog treats can be a great thing to give your puppy as a reward. 

There are so many options nowadays when it comes to dog treats, so you do not have to stick with the same old brands or artificially made treats if you are concerned about the health of your puppy.

*Photos by Samson Katt