How to Use Journaling to Achieve Your Goals

Posted May 24, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Got goals that you want to achieve, and want to start keeping track of them? Journaling is one of the best ways to do this, and it’s so easy! Luckily, there are hundreds of fantastic journal options, from refillable journal paper lined ones to set books, there is something for everyone.

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, journaling them is one of the many overlooked weapons that you can use. But the question is – how do you do it? 

Why Should You Journal Your Goals?

Writing your goals down can increase your likelihood of success by an incredible 42%, according to experts. So, if you have important goals in mind, why wouldn’t you take the time to write them down? Journaling about your goals creates a sense of accountability, and it’s also just a helpful way to remind you of those goals!

How To Journal To Help You Achieve Your Goals

There are seven basic steps to follow when you journal about your goals. Each one is a crucial element to helping you achieve success, so make sure you take the time to do things right but also allow yourself to have fun with it!

  1. Use A Goal-Setting Theory

Your goals should always be something that is measurable, but also specific and challenging. You can improve your performance just by doing this! This goal-setting theory is crucial for success with your goals.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Details

When writing down your goals, you should be able to vividly describe them – whatever that means for you. Use photographs and pictures if you can, and do any drawings you like, but also be sure to write them down if you are able to.

As long as you can vividly imagine and describe your goals, they are achievable. 

  1. Explain Why You Want To Achieve Your Goal

This motivational statement will serve as a reminder of the whole reason you are embarking on this journey in the first place. You should be able to explain why you would like to achieve your goal – whether that is just because you want to learn something new, or you have to achieve it for some reason. 

Doing this will help you focus, and also give you a better sense of direction as you move forward. It might feel silly initially, but when you are looking back on your notes, this is the thing that will keep you going. 

  1. Break Every Goal Down Into Actionable Steps

Every goal should be broken down into smaller steps. These can be as small as you like, so long as it somehow helps to achieve the larger goal. You should also mention how you are going to achieve these smaller goals and track your progress. 

  1. Make A Note Of The Challenges You Could Face

Every goal you set will come with its own challenges. This is especially the case if you have a lofty goal that will require a lot of work. 

The challenge could be your mindset or physical limitations or anything else you can think of. Make a note of every challenge you can think of that you might encounter, and brainstorm ways for you to overcome each one. 

This is another incredible way to get yourself past the issues you face, and it will motivate you when you look back at your journal. If you come across a challenge that you didn’t think of, don’t worry! Every challenge can be overcome. 

  1. Create A Reward For Achieving Each Goal 

When you reward yourself somehow, you are creating a sense of achievement. This is crucial and will make sure that you always have something to look forward to, especially when you are experiencing challenges. 

Your reward can be whatever you like – as long as it does not undo any of the work you have put in to achieve your goal!

  1. Decide How Frequently You Will Do Check-Ins

Finally, you should decide how frequently you are going to do check-ins and see what progress you have made toward your goal. You might choose to do this every day, once a week, or once a month – it is completely up to you. 

Checking in more frequently is usually beneficial, but you ultimately need to do what works for you. Smaller goals would benefit from frequent (even daily) progress checks, while larger ones may be once a week or something similar. 

Using a journal to help you achieve your goals creates a sense of accountability to push you forward. Luckily, there is nothing difficult about doing this, but you will need to take the time to journal in a way that will be beneficial to you. 

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