How to Wear Jewelry: 4 Tips for Women

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If you have trouble deciding what types of jewelry you should buy, keep in mind that there are over 51,000 jewelry stores in the United States. With so many options available, taking a shot at styling jewelry for yourself can make you look twice in the mirror and wonder, “Is this how to wear jewelry?” 

Jewelry might be a casual accompaniment to your daily wear or you may be looking for a few pieces that really make a statement. Jewelry for women comes simple, layered, chunky, classic, and pretty much any other style you could imagine. 

Continue reading for four tips on wearing jewelry so that when you do look in the mirror twice, it’s for the right reasons. 

Delicate Jewelry Photoshoot

1. Go Minimal at Work

Your day-to-day jewelry wear might change depending on your job, but for the most part, it will probably remain simple. Drawing attention to your jewelry instead of the work that you do is not what the average working woman wants.

Minimal necklaces, with something small at the end of a gold or silver chain, can pair well with most shirts and business suits. Small studs with a little shine can bring elegance to your look without trying too hard. 

2. Compliment Your Clothing

If you have a flashy top, one with ruffles, or a loud pattern, wearing a necklace could clash or take away from your outfit. Consider some bangles or layered bracelets to go along with these types of shirts. 

A pair of earrings in the same color as the accents on your shirt will make that color pop. Add a ring or specialized hair clip for a little more pizazz. Companies such as Dragonfly Native Jewelry make specialty accessories for that purpose.

3. Consider the Neckline

Certain necklaces don’t work well with a specific neckline. If you are wearing something low cut, you may want to add a larger statement piece. For a scoop neck, a set of classic pearls or a chain complement nicely.

A high neck might need the necklace to take a break for the evening and instead pairs well with dangly earrings and a matching bracelet.

4. Bold Isn’t Bad

There are times when a statement necklace or a large pair of earrings are exactly what your outfit needs. If you’ve gone simple with your clothing choices, such as a single color sheath dress, or a pair of jeans and a blouse, a daring jewelry option like a large bracelet, layered necklaces, or big hoops will be the perfect partner for your look.

Woman Wearing a Moon Necklace

No matter what the jewelry ideas say, the real answer to the question, “How to wear jewelry” should be to wear what makes you feel like you. If you want to be elegant, wear classic styles. If you want a bit of fun, go big, loud, and chunky. 

At the end of the day, you are the one stepping out and you want to have all the confidence to go with your look. 

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