How to Wear Your Jewellery like a Classy, Stylish Woman

Posted May 30, 2019 by in Fashion

Being classy is an art. It’s about how you dress, behave, and look; it’s about how you let people perceive you. Your outfits matter, but the jewellery you wear can be a deal breaker or maker. Too little, and you end up looking plain and unpolished. Too much, and you can easily end up looking like a Christmas tree.

To look classy and elegant at all times, follow the pieces of advice below. They will help you develop your own personal style when it comes to wearing your jewellery:

How to Wear Your Jewelry like a Classy, Stylish Woman //

It’s all about layering

Jewellery is incredible. You can have fun mixing and matching different pieces, wear fun items and still look classy. Yes, layering can be fun. But layering with caution is what will bring your looks closer to perfection. Having a stylish balance between your pieces will help you ensure you don’t look plain. It will also help you prevent looking that you’re trying too hard.

Of course, you can try mixing jewellery elements from different stories. Mix chunky ones with delicate ones, layer short necklaces over long ones, and achieve perfection. Also, before leaving home, follow the best rule out there: take a look at yourself in the mirror and take an element off.

Jewellery sets work wonderfully, just learn how to wear them

Matching jewellery is also a thing you have to learn how to master. Wearing full sets of jewellery can be a joy killer. You will end up looking like you’re trying too much and lack creativity. However, matching only two elements will make you feel polished, classy, and stylish. Match your earrings with your ring. This will make you look more put together and like you actually put an effort into your outfit.

Avoid adding a bracelet to fit the other two elements, no matter how tempted you are. Instead, add a fine, neutral bracelet to finish off your look.

Learn how to mix metals

You might have grown up thinking that mixing metals is the biggest fashion offense you can do. But in this day and time, you can forget about that rule. There is nothing wrong with mixing metals. In fact, it can offer your outfits a kick, while allowing you to still look classy and stylish. Mixing metals, if you’re comfortable with doing so, can elevate an outfit and take it up a notch.

When mixing metals, ensure you first learn how to do it like a pro. You can’t mix multiple pieces of designer silver jewellery with only one piece of gold jewellery. Instead, try to create a balance between the two metals.

Plain and statement jewellery can also be mixed

Fine pieces of jewellery can also be mixed with statement ones. But you have to first understand how to create a balance between the two. Once again, you must balance the number of costume jewellery pieces you wear with the number of fine jewellery pieces you plan to add. Remember, if you look at yourself in the mirror and it looks like you’re wearing too much, take off an element or two. Another secret to pulling off this kind of look is choosing sophisticated designs for both types of jewellery.

A single tacky-looking element can throw off an entire look.

Your manicure also counts

Both fine and bold pieces of jewellery will draw attention to your hands. You can’t afford to have a less-than-perfect manicure. To pull off wearing a statement ring, or whatever piece of jewellery you prefer, for that matter of fact, you have to keep up with maintaining a spotless manicure.

Learn how to take care of your cuticles. Besides, you should always aim to have a spotless manicure, even if you can’t afford to paint your nails regularly. Keeping them short and cared for will make huge a difference. Alternatively, if you avoid the eternal problem of chipped nail polish you can always opt for gel nail manicure. It lasts longer than regular polishes, and if you choose your shades in muted tones, you will let your jewellery shine in all its beauty.

Match your jewellery to your outfits

Looking sophisticated when wearing jewellery has to start from your outfits. Your personal style defines what type of jewellery you can wear freely, without worrying about miss matching your pieces. To master the outfit part of looking classy, pay attention to the following.

  • Wear items made of classy fabrics.
  • When you can’t decide if the colors mix well together, go for neutrals.
  • Pay attention to fits. How different items fit your body type and their structure matters more than many of us think. Remember this next time when go shopping for clothing.
  • Dressing classy it’s not about revealing pieces. A little modesty is the simplest path to offering your outfits a little style and sophistication.

Don’t go wild with accessories

Apart from the pieces of advice above, you should remember that less is more, when you’re uncertain how to mix and match accessories with your outfits. The safest choices you can make in terms of jewellery are described below.

  • Earrings – when in doubt about what type of earrings you should match for your outfits, go for simple silver studs, pearl, and diamonds. If you want to mix metals, add a pair of small gold hoops.
  • Bracelets – delicate silver or gold bracelets, gold bangles and a watch will finish off a look quite successfully.
  • Necklaces – when you think of classy necklace options, think about mixing fine long and short ones, with simple pendants or pearls. You can’t go wrong with such choices.
  • Rings – not everybody is comfortable with wearing rings, but if you are, ensure that you go for one of the following styles: simple or statement. Choose between the two, and go for nothing in between these options. Ensure you buy a statement ring to dress up a plain outfit whenever you feel the need.

How to Wear Your Jewelry like a Classy, Stylish Woman //

These simple suggestions will help you create cohesive and sophisticated looks. When unsure how a piece of jewellery makes you look, avoid wearing it altogether. What are your go-to jewellery pieces? Let us know in the comments below!