How to Write a Good Resume

Posted July 12, 2021 by in Career

Did you know that employers typically only look at a resume for 5 to 7 seconds before making a decision? The design and layout of a resume can get you the job of your dreams or have you passed upon. That’s why you need resume writing services for making your resume’s design and layout on point.

If you want to make a great impression in those 7 seconds, there are a couple of tips to try. Continue reading to discover how to write a good resume that will land you in your dream position!

Use Keywords

One of the best tips to learn how to write a good resume is to understand how important keywords are.

Many employers look for specific keywords and if they can’t find them within a resume, they move on. Keywords that you want to include are also mentioned within the job description that you are applying to.

Take the time to research common keywords for the position you are seeking and include them in your resume as much as possible. 

Limit Descriptions

One of the hardest parts of improving resume quality is finding a balance between enough information and too much.

Your resume should be a screenshot of your accomplishments. Don’t spend too much time listing job details for previous roles that do not reflect the job you are applying to. Only look for necessary information and you can plan to elaborate more during the in-person or virtual interview. 

Keep the Font Clean 

Many employers see people trying to make their resumes unique by using a fun and crazy font.

Unfortunately, these fonts can be distracting and pull away from the important information about you. A resume template is typically good to use because they utilize easily readable fonts that show your serious side.

This doesn’t mean that you can change your font from Ariel or Times New Roman. Just be sure that the font you use is clean and neat.

Stay Organized

A resume should be a reflection of your accomplishments in chronological order.

When listing previous jobs and volunteer experiences, be sure to keep the most current jobs at the top and work your way down. This will help the employer understand your work history and growth. 

When creating different sections, utilize headers that help break up the information in a natural way. Avoid skipping around, this can cause you to forget things and make the interview process more confusing to navigate through. 

How to Write a Good Resume That Will Land You a Job

By utilizing this guide you can learn how to write a good resume that will attract employers. 

Since you only have a sheet of paper to explain what you offer, it is important that you only include what is necessary. Be as precise as you can while writing descriptions and remember to utilize keywords. 

Don’t be afraid to show your personality and make your resume unique, this will help it stand out from the rest

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