How to Zipline Like a Pro on Your Next Vacation

Posted August 21, 2020 by in Lifestyle
woman ziplining

Are you thinking about going ziplining, but you don’t quite know how to zipline? There’s no need to worry because by the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’re going to have all of the information you need to help you zipline like a pro.

Get ready to begin your next adventure, but first read through our list of tips. Trust us, you’re going to be thanking us when you’re the most skilled one during your adventure.

Listen When Your Guide is Talking

There are many times when we go on tours, and the last thing we’re focused on is listening to the guide that’s provided to you. You need to listen to your guide because they’re going to have information that’s going to keep you safe while you’re on your adventure.

When you don’t listen to them, not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re also putting everyone that you’re with in danger. If you’re looking for guides that are sure to know what they’re talking about during your zipline adventures, you’re going to love the Smoky Mountains.

Not only can you find beautiful views, but you’re going to be equipped with the right tips to stay safe all the way down the zipline.

Select Your Course

Usually, when you go to a place that provides zipline rides, you may have the ability to choose the course that you ride down. If you want to have the experience of going down a zipline with someone else, you can select a side by side zipline course to ride.

If you’re someone that likes the more scenic route, then a zipline that is hung through tress is possibly the best course selection for you and the gang. You’ll be able to take in all the beautiful forests’ views beginning from the climb to the platform and down the zipline.

Get Some Courage

Riding a zipline is just like riding a rollercoaster. Before you do it, you’re going to be full of nerves and jitters until you step off the platform. Some people allow their nerves to get the best of them and don’t end up taking the plunge.

Trust us, this is going to be a ride that you’ll never forget, and that’s why you’re going to want to take the ride. Before you let your anxiety talk you out of ziplining step off the platform before you’ve got another thought.

After you’ve stepped off the platform, you’ll be so happy that you did; you’ll forget all about the nerves that you had before.

Check Weight Restrictions

Before you go on your trip, ask the facility what their zip line weight restrictions are. Each place will have a different set of restrictions that they have in place to ensure that everyone riding the line will be kept safe.

If someone hangs on a line that is over the weight limit, it could put them and anyone else in danger. Meaning the line could accidentally snap, or the harness gear won’t support the person the way it should and may cause discomfort.

Know How to Work the Breaks

One of the pieces of instruction that you’re going to get from your tour guide is how to use the brakes to come to a stop. Not coming to a stop correctly means that you could accidentally find yourself hugging the wrong side of a tree.

Before your ride begins, ask for a demonstration on how to use the braking system and then give it a try yourself. By doing it yourself, you’ll know where the brake is located and how forcefully you’ll need to push it to bring yourself to a complete stop.

Get All Your Gear

This is one of the last steps that you’ll take before you get up on the platform and jump off. Before you take your ride, you must have all of your safety gear. This will include your helmet, gloves to hold on to the zipline rope, harness, and then you’re ready to go.

Before you begin your zip line experience, your instructor should test your safety gear to ensure that it’s secure and you’re ready to go. If they don’t offer to check, you should ask them to because the last thing you’re going to want to happen is to jump off the platform and have a piece of equipment malfunction.

Check your gear once, twice, and even three times if that will make you feel safe and ready to jump.

Take Off

Now that you know what it takes to zipline like a pro, all that’s left to do is step off the platform. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and step off the platform.

After that, you’re going to be flying through the trees zooming past everything that was standing still only moments before. And when the ride is over, you’re going to be wondering how to do it all over again.

How to Zipline Like a Pro

When you’re figuring out how to zipline, all of the tips provided above will give you the confidence to step off the platform and ensure you do it safely. This is an adventure of a lifetime that you’re going to relive again and again.

That is if you decide to go through with it. The posts on our site deliver the most updated content for readers like you. If you want to continue to read articles that cover things that have to do with traveling, continue to scroll the blog section.