Hunting For Furniture Sales in Los Angeles? Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted January 21, 2022 by in Home
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Buying furniture is a commitment. Beds, sofas and tables are large purchases that require a great deal of thought and consideration before diving in. This isn’t a short-term expense, after all – a well-built piece of furniture should last the test of time.

In addition, you also want to know that you’re getting value for money for your new piece and not paying over the odds.

How can you best go about making sure you’re getting the best deals? This article will help identify some easy ways to use furniture sales in Los Angeles to your advantage and help you find that forever piece of furniture for your home.

Research Common Sales Times and Events 

Good furniture sales in Los Angeles don’t always come around often. So it pays to take your time and conduct some research before embarking out on a shopping trip. Take note of the most common times of the year when retailers have sales: summer is usually a great time for sales across the country, as is the holiday season. 

The time after New Year can also yield excellent deals, and New Year sales can often last the whole of January or even beyond. 

Consider also when retailers bring out their new lines. Lots of stores regularly mark down old or last season’s stock in clearance sales to make way for new ones. If the shop wants to make space for new pieces quickly, these can be a great way to find large discounts. This can be useful with longer-term projects like home renovations, as you could build your calendar around known sales periods.

Keep Your Phone On and Check Your Socials

By far the best way to keep up to date with furniture sales in Los Angeles as they happen is by social media. If you’re eyeing up pieces from a particular store or brand, make sure you’re following them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so any notifications about sales come through as soon as they occur. This can take the pressure off on your part as you don’t have to go out of your way to regularly check a website or shopfront.

Social media can also be a direct source for discounts. Many companies offer a discount code when you sign up to their email newsletter for example, or promote exclusive discount codes to their followers online. Some companies even announce flash sales or early sale times exclusively online, so it definitely pays to be a follower and stay on top of news and updates.

Is That Bargain Really a Bargain?

One important thing to remember is not to be blinded by the sparkle of a discount sticker. After all, finding a sofa that’s been reduced to 25% of its original price sounds amazing, right? But wait – is this really the sofa that you wanted? 

Stop and think before snapping up that amazing deal. Is this piece really going to fit in with the rest of your home decor? Are the dimensions exactly right? Do you really love this piece in particular, or are you drawn to it because of the attractive price tag?

Of course, if you’re on a budget and aren’t too fussed about things like color-coordination and matching themes, then go for it. But otherwise, take some time out to think properly about the deal, and how it’ll fit in with your long-term furniture needs. 

Buyer’s remorse can be tough to deal with. You want to be certain that you’ll feel just as happy with your piece now as you will do in several years’ time. So be certain that your chosen purchase is absolutely what you’ve been looking for in regards to price, functionality and design. When cruising around furniture sales in Los Angeles, remember to listen to your head and your heart!

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Not all of us are going to be experienced at buying furniture, or know exactly what we want all the time. That’s why asking for professional advice can be an invaluable way to help set your own expectations and get a clearer view of your needs. 

Clad Home builds beautiful, bespoke furniture in Los Angeles and offers unparalleled customization and design options at an accessible price point. Call them today for a design consultation and they’ll help you put together a professional, tailor-made piece for you and your home in Los Angeles.

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