Important Details to Include in Your Nursing Resume

Posted September 28, 2021 by in Career

In the employment sector today, one of most requested criterion by potential employers is your resume or CV. Before interviewing you, an employer wants to get acquainted with you through your paper document (resume). Always remember that the employer’s first impression of your resume is very critical.

There is no way to compete without a CV, and an unimpressive one will quickly eliminate you before you have a chance to prove yourself.

And, because the profession of nursing is heavily reliant not only on effective practical training, but also on certification, licencing, and specialisation, it is critical to have an excellent CV that evaluates and encapsulates the competence and skills you have and effectively communicates to employers the way you can serve them. 

Although each resume may differ regarding schooling, professional background, industry, and position, there are a certain critical areas is a must-include. 

Interested to know more? So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Nursing Education

The application you submit relies heavily on the educational data and training that you offer(such as your credentials/degrees). It is more probable that a bio data will be rejected if those information aren’t included. Add further information about all diplomas and degrees, such as the college or university you completed your academic courses, the city in which you studied, the state in where you resided, etc. 

Consider highlighting achievements, honors, activities, and your GPA if you’re just starting in your profession (if that was pretty higher). Until you get additional work experience, academic achievements will give your CV additional depth. Also provide any the education classes you are continuing or you’ve completed in the previous years.

Extensive Work Experience

Jot all the experience you have acquired as a nurse chronologically which should start with the current organization where you are employed. It’s a smart move to incorporate facility- and unit-specific data, such as total bed numbers, levels of traumatic conditions, and demographics of the patient, when drafting a nursing management resume, if you are to-the-point, it lifts it from excellent to most remarkable.   

Even though both jobs do need a lot of endurance, a nurse to be employed in a nursing home will not require having the same requirements as a nurse in an urgent care facility. A bio data having a personal touch will draw attention from a separate perspective as compared to the rest. License for working as a nurse and other details (such as when and where certified, etc.):

Additionally, all the details that are related to the license for nursing is a must-include for a nursing job. These are the every necessary detail to include: License type, date when it expires, number, and state where you’ve been certified, if your nursing license is authorized under the NLC.

It is strongly recommended for you to supply the following information for each certificate you possess:

  • The title under which you’re certified 
  • Body that certified
  • Date it will expire or date determined in the absence of an official date of expiration.

Soft Skills

In this sectror, practical and clinical knowledge are highly vital, such abilities are most significant to present in the CV. The hiring managers in nursing job, on the flip side, are particularly interested in soft skills and personality attributes in your bio data. A list of critical soft skills to show on a nursing resume is provided below:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Solving critical issues
  • Reliability and adaptability
  • Professionalism

Either of these skills shown on your resume should be accompanied by examples of the way they’ve benefited your career in the nursing sector, so keep that in mind when you are mentioning those.

Affiliations in the profession of Nursing

Nurses can join a slew of professional organizations, and any future employer will be interested to learn if you belong to those.

If you belong to a nursing group, state your affiliation in the following way:

  • Organization name
  • The offices appointed to
  • Date when admitted

Community and Work Done Voluntarily

Unpaid positions in a indicator to the hiring team that you value education, outreach of community, and commitment. It is only appropriate to list work voluntarily in the sectors of health department or nursing fields. When you make a bio for a job like nursing, ensure that you are presenting authentic evidence of your abilities while you actively worked, for instance, you directed a team of 10 persons to educate the locales regarding prevention of HIV or AIDS.  

Details of Contact

There’s a good chance you’ve crafted the ideal CV, complete with appropriate work experience and education. Nevertheless, there are chances that you might not get interview calls if there is an error in the contact area. In large part, this is because the hiring managers can’t get in touch with you when you provide incorrect contact details.  

Last Tip…

Creating an eye-catching resume goal or summary should be your objective to capture the attention of recruiters. Because recruiters typically take about 6 to 7 seconds reviewing each resume. Therefore, if the interviewer is unable to determine that your resume is appropriate for the specific job application with a single glance, they might not review your bio data.

You are pretty much guaranteed to get your dream job if you follow everything we just highlighted above. Keep these above-mentioned details in mind while creating an attention-grabbing resume so that your resume gets the special attention. Also, check your resume at least twice before mailing it.

All the best!

*Photos by Anthony Shkraba