Important Information to Tell a Towing and Recovery Company When in Need of Service

Posted April 1, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Getting stranded on the side of the road is never fun. Depending on your location, it can feel dangerous or uncomfortable when waiting for help. 

Fortunately, most people have cell phones and no longer need to walk miles to the nearest payphone to call for help or rely on the kindness of a stranger who happens to drive by at the right moment. They can instead call their roadside assistance and get help sooner.

It’s important to pay attention to details when you’re calling for help. Towing and recovery drivers need critical information so they can find and tow you to safety or the nearest repair shop. Companies like SG3 Towing and Recovery can often walk you through the process, but here are the most important details to give them.

Make And Model Of Car

Tow truck companies need to know what kind of car you drive so they can send the appropriate tow truck. Small cars can go on different truck beds than a large truck or van. Additionally, it helps them spot you if they know what they are looking for. You should even add in what color the car is to give more visual cues for the driver. 

Your Exact Location

Pinpointing where you are located is sometimes difficult. If you know what mil marker you are near, or what exit is coming up on a highway, these details can be extremely helpful. Additionally, you can share a nearby address or business to help them locate you as well. 

Is It An Emergency Situation?

While it may seem best to call towing and recovery services right away, emergency situations may require additional help. Is someone in danger of injury? Has someone already been hurt? Is the car in a precarious location? These are all crucial pieces of information. 

Is Your Car On Uneven Ground?

Cars on hills or embankments may need different kinds of tow trucks than those on level ground. Make sure you tell the towing and recovery dispatcher what kind of surface you’re on. 

Where Would You Like The Car Dropped Off?

Telling the towing company where the car is going can help them plan out future tows. It also helps them determine the price for the service. If you don’t have the exact address of the place you want to go, telling them a business name or nearby landmark can be helpful. 

How To Find Quality Towing And Recovery Services

Finding the best companies in an urgent situation can be hard. If you can find a great company in advance and keep their contact information in your vehicle, that works best, if you’re left to find a tow company suddenly, however, check online reviews to get insight into their services. You can do a quick Google search from your phone to see the towing services in your area and their reviews. Sometimes, it also comes down to who can get to you first and who has the towing equipment to move your car. 

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