Incredible Ideas For Styling Your Bedroom This Winter

Posted November 10, 2015 by in Home

With wintertime fast approaching, now is a good time to style your bedroom for the next season. You want to be warm this winter but not have to go to too much trouble to still be cool for next summer. The bedroom is also the room we use to relax, so the styling we choose needs to promote a calm and serene atmosphere. Luckily, you can easily design the perfect winter wonderland in your bedroom without breaking the bank. 

Temperature Control

Start with your temperature control. It is so important to be cool enough all year round without getting too cold. Lots of people are turning to air conditioners to make sure they can keep things cool enough in summer. These devices can also warm the air to take the chill off during a cold winter. This saves you having to add the extra weight of blankets on the bed.

so cozy!


The bed is another important part of any bedroom. For many of us it is the biggest thing in there so it becomes a focal point. Choosing a double mattress means you have enough space to keep comfortable but it’s not too overbearing on the room. Dress your bed as you would your dining table. Layer it up with fresh linens and a spread of color across the foot. Then you can create an ornate effect with the structure and color of cushions and pillows.


Lighting is key to creating the relaxed atmosphere you’re looking for in the evening. When you’re propped up in bed watching TV or reading, you want a soft and warm glow of light to use. You can choose small bedside touch lamps to save you fumbling for the switch in the dark. Ceiling light fittings are rarely turned on, but they can be used to provide ornate decoration to the room. Choose something chic in a metallic shade to be on trend this winter.

Incredible Ideas For Styling Your Bedroom This Winter //


The colors on your bed should be echoed in the drapes. Your curtains should be functional as well. You want them to block out all of the light off the street, especially if you work nights. Thermal backed curtains cut out more sound and the chill of a winter’s night. Try not to choose curtains that are too busy or decorative as you want this room to be calm and serene.

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Add a Rug

A soft rug helps take the hard edges off any room. They also feel great when you’re barefoot! Pick a strong color, but tone down any patterns so they’re not too busy. Mirrors should be positioned so they don’t catch the light or your reflection while you are lying in bed. In can be quite unnerving to catch that out of the corner of your eye in the middle of the night! Have a good sized dresser in the room to store your cosmetics and place your clothing on for the next day. Being well organized can help you sleep better.

Incredible Ideas For Styling Your Bedroom This Winter

A good bedroom is quiet and functional. It should be tidy but spacious enough not to feel claustrophobic. Best of all, it should be super comfortable. The perfect retreat.