Indian Accessories to Glam Your Look

Posted September 6, 2019 by in Fashion
Indian Accessories to glam your look

Indian fashion is all about their glamorous clothes and dazzling accessories that they adorn to. A wedding is almost at every turn you make or there is a celebration or a festival. Of course with the population in India, it is expected and their love for festivities is a plus for you often see women in sparkling outfits as they attend one of the many wedding ceremonies.

Hence, searching for the right outfits is one issue although accessorizing is as close to heart as the outfits. Accessories in India are as important to men as they are to women. Some are part of their cultural norms and others are the usual as other women wear globally.

However, in India, you do not accessorize because there are accessorizes but there are some dos and don’ts to follow especially while dressing for some of the wedding ceremonies. Below are some accessories to adorn to if you are attending a wedding, evening party or to spruce up your casual look.

The Make-up  

Makeup is very important for every woman and especially if you are attending an Indian wedding as a guest. After dressing in your beautiful crop top lehengas for different occasions yours make up is one great accessory that is a must-have to complete your look. To look bold and confident go the red way to also set yourself apart and still look beautiful and flawless in this makeup.

Although you’re not restricted to red, you can opt for other colors and nudes to tone down especially if your outfit it too detailed. The red is of course not in foundation color but a red lipstick, lip gloss, red-colored nails and do not forget a red bindi to match perfectly. Alternatively, you can match your bindi, and nail color to your outfit and maintain the lipstick color to red for that bold face look.

Indian wedding makeup look

The clutch 

Another add on accessory to add the needed glam to your look is a clutch. It is also known as the Potli and you must match it to your Lehenga choli, Dhoti saree, or your elegant Salwar Kameez to add the bling to your attire. When you accessorize with a bling clutch ensure the attire you choose is not bling at all for the clutch will not be easily seen. This will make the clutch noticeable and also ensure you are not so over the top.  

The bold black clutch and the studded clutch are a great statement piece that makes or breaks your look. Nevertheless, it depends on how well you use them and how you match them to your look to have that dazzling outfit. Carry your clutch with ease by letting it fall gracefully from your wrist and avoid clutching it. 

Maang Tika

The Maang Tikka also known as the Nethi Chutti is for everyone not only brides on their wedding day. The Bollywood celebrities brought out the trend to wear the Maang Tika as a daily accessory or to evening parties too.

There are many Maang Tika to choose from that can help you set yourself apart from the crowd. You can opt for the Kundan, big pendant, or the pearly ones. Another accessory that you can blend perfectly with the Maang Tika are flowers that you can roll around your hair as the Maang Tika falls beautifully on your forehead.

Maang Tika


As mentioned above of how well flowers with the Maang Tika blend perfectly together as accessorizes. The flowers may be the decor flowers but this one to accessorize your hair with. This can be worn by the bride and her guests as well as a matching accessory for your bridesmaids or as part of your accessories as a guest to the wedding. The flowers can be around the buns and specific flowers for this are the mogra flowers especially worn by women in their 40s. And this blends well with sarees or other Indian ethnic wear to have a splendid outfit flow. Other flowers that can be worn are lilies, roses you can add them behind your ear at the back of your hair. Whichever way you see fit and a perfect spot for it.

Bangles and rings 

Bangles or bracelets are not a must-have. but you can compare your look with and without them and you can see the difference this simple accessory adds to your look. Upgrade your ethnic look by wearing them and make your hands prettier with them on. A good example of this bracelet accessories can go from glass bangles, gold kadas to the simplest you can get. Rings is another accessory that has a similar effect on your hands as the bangles and adds a unique touch to the outfit. However, with a heavily embellished traditional outfit, the ring is not as visible as an accessory as it should. Therefore, know when to minimize or wear more depending on the look of your outfit. 


The correct footwear or jootis are necessary to complete your look. Therefore, choose comfortable heels or wedges for many festivals have a lot of dancing, walking and mingling around. Choose unique shoes that are not matchy-matchy with your outfit or optionally choose jootis to go with your traditional attires which are the most comfortable Indian shoes that you will get and set yourself free at the wedding.


Last but not least, a pair of Jhumkas or also called earrings. There is one accessory that is among the most popular in Indian weddings and other ceremonies and it is well-matched with traditional attire. Add the jhumkas as a necessity to add a beautiful touch to the whole look.

Invest in a pair of gold or silver jhumkas or the artificial ones they will ensure that you have enough to alternate at various events. It is important to have this earring for they are an essential part of accessories especially to a bride and her bridesmaid in some of the pre and post-wedding ceremonies.


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