Indianapolis Residents: An Expert’s Guide to Buying a Car From a Dealership

Posted September 25, 2022 by in Lifestyle
couple car shopping at dealership

Buying a new or used car is a big financial investment and a great move that can be daunting. The process is detailed and requires keen attention if you want value for your money. In addition, choosing and buying a car can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time and you have low savings and less-established credit history.

But that does not have to be the case. If you visit a car dealership in Indianapolis like Blossom Chevrolet, there are some things that you need first to do. Here’s an expert’s guide to buying a car from a dealership.

Woman car shopping

1. Research

The first and most important step before visiting car dealerships in Indianapolis like Blossom Chevrolet is to research vehicles and features. This is especially necessary if you are not sure which vehicle you want. You can use resources like Edmunds to gather information, including owner and expert reviews, invoice prices, and new deals.

2. Get Financing

Once you establish the make and model of the car you want, the next important step is to get financing. Experts recommend that buyers get preapproved for a loan from their credit union or bank before visiting any car dealership. However, many car dealerships in Indianapolis will offer financing, but that is not a great decision given their high interest rates. The best financing option is getting a loan from a lender outside the dealership. This will help determine how much you can afford.

And because salespeople are known to woo buyers into falling in love with limited models that look fancy or have leather seats, you need to be safe rather than sorry by first finding out how much money is available.

Getting pre-approved before commencing the buying process will reveal any credit issues you may have. This allows you to build your credit score and remove inaccurate information from your credit report. It is necessary to research different lenders for the best rates lest you end up with a bad deal.

3. Observe Simplicity

When you visit any car dealership in Indianapolis, observe simplicity. This means you should limit what you disclose to the salespeople and focus on one thing at a time. Of course, you will be overwhelmed by the amazing makes and limited models. But keep it simple by focusing on what’s important, like the price of your preferred model.

Like in a card game, you need to play your cards right to reduce vulnerability and overwhelm. The salesperson will want to know if you want a trade-in or whether you want their dealership loan but don’t disclose this information.

The pros in a car dealership in Indianapolis may lowball you on the trade-in or increase the interest rates to make extra money. So, whatever you do, keep it simple, or you will lose. When you settle on the price, you can now let them know about the trade-in, ensuring you have done prior research on the price of your trade-in.

Once you master these tips, you can visit a car dealership in Indianapolis confidently and leave with your preferred car after getting the best deal.