Insanely Chic Ways To Use Your Eyewear

Posted August 21, 2020 by in Fashion

Long gone are the days when glasses were associated with unattractiveness. No longer do movie makeovers involve taking off the leading lady’s glasses to reveal a supermodel. Why? Because glasses have proven themselves. Sexy, chic, sweet, alluring— you name the vibe, and there’s a pair of glasses out there that create it.

So you need glasses, or you want glasses? Here’s everything you need to know about amping up the chic while wearing them. All of the below tips apply to sunglasses, reading glasses, distance glasses, and bifocals equally:

woman with nail art holding black rimmed glasses.

Glasses Are Your Statement Piece

Glasses are always going to be your staple piece. They’re right smack in the center of your face. If you throw on a wild, eye-catching scarf, the two items are going to be competing for people’s attention, and competing for attention is anything but chic.

Experts from Shark Eyes, Inc. agree, no matter the shape and style of your glasses, keep your other accessories out of the competition. Because let’s be honest, your glasses are going to win.

round wire rim glasses

Go Dressy With Your Clothing

One of the magical things about glasses is how well they pair with business casual items. Glasses and a fitted blazer scream, “I can handle anything,” and that vibe is especially chic—especially if you’re a city dweller. This doesn’t mean you need to go all-in on the office attire. Just a single statement piece in an otherwise chill outfit works just as well.

If business casual is not your thing, the same rules apply to academic-style clothing. Things like oxford loafers or a sweater with elbow patches thrive when they’re worn by someone with glasses. They feel relaxed yet polished, which might well be the definition of chic.

woman in sunglasses in business casual attire.

When It Comes To Makeup, Keep The Eyes Simple

Wearing glasses is already going to be drawing people’s eyes to your eyes, so you don’t need to overdo eye makeup. Thick black eyeliner and dramatic eye shadows will seem pretty intense when magnified by your glasses (and even the slightest uneven application will be more noticeable.)

If you’re in love with darker makeup, you can still go for a navy, dark green, or violet color. There are countless interesting and fun alternatives to traditional black eyeliner. No matter what color you choose, keep the liner on the thinner side and opt for a dusting of shadow instead of a thick application.

A practical note, for wearing mascara with glasses (which is absolutely chic), is that you might want to apply the color on the roots of your lashes only, especially if your lashes are on the longer side—nothing like mascara streaks on your glasses to ruin an otherwise calm and collected vibe.

simple makeup with glasses

But With Lip Color, Anything Goes

When it comes to lip color, bold works fantastically with glasses. The brightest of reds and orange and purple can all vibe perfectly with glasses. Make sure the color you choose matches the shade of your glasses, but otherwise, go big.

woman with curly hair

There you have it. Some simple and easy guidelines for rocking glasses, no matter if you’re heading to work, school, the beach, the library, or a six-hour hike.

Glasses can be an integral part of any chic ensemble, whether you’re a casual glasses wearer or someone who keeps them on all day, every day.