Interesting Design Ideas for Your Startup Office

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Starting your own business is one of the most frightening things you can do for your career. But it can also be one of the best. If you manage to have some success, eventually you’ll take on employees. Then you’ll need an office to host everyone. Your startup’s first proper office is sure to be a big deal, and you’ll want to get it right. If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ll love making plans for your business’s new home. You can combine your feel for beautiful decor with the latest trends and theory about how to create a more productive workspace.

Consider some of these ideas to inspire your startup’s first proper office:

Finding the Right Office

First, you need to find the right space for your startup. It’s important to make sure that you pick a location that matches your business. For example, moving in to a private startup office space for rent in Shoreditch would be perfect for a trendy tech company in London.

While you’re still in the early stages of your business, the cost is going to play a significant factor. As much as you might like to buy an old building and renovate it entirely, that probably isn’t going to happen. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a space that suits you. Even if you’re renting your office, you can still make sure you can get it set up however you like. For example, if you want to offer lots of different spaces for working, an open-plan office could work better for you. Try working with a commercial realtor to find somewhere perfect for your business.

You could also look into co-working spaces in your area.

Spaces for Different Types of Work

One of the things that has become very popular is having separate spaces for different kinds of work. Not everyone works in the same way, and different parts of projects require a range of working styles. Some people like to work alone in silence, other times they will need to talk in a group to work something out. You can arrange your office so that it has a number of areas that your employees can use. They might sit at a traditional desk to work on something or move over to a sofa for a chat or to use their laptop. You could have break-out areas with tables for people to do group work. And you could have quite pods for anyone who needs alone time.

Interesting Design Ideas for Your Startup Office

Break Areas

Employers are beginning to recognize the importance of somewhere to relax in the office. If you want your employees to be productive, you have to allow them the time to recharge. Creating fun spaces where they can sit back and take a break will ensure they always feel their best. Check out these bean bag loungers at Comfy Sacks for one option to provide relaxing seating. Your employees could even have a quick power nap if they need one.

You can also consider having somewhere to get drinks and snacks, as well as entertainment. You might provide a TV or perhaps something like a pool table.

Branded Design

When you’re planning your office, you should think about what it says about your brand. By the time you move into your first official office, you should know all about your brand and who you are. You can take this into account when you’re deciding what’s suitable for your office. Perhaps your brand is young and playful, so you want to make sure your office reflects that. You can use your brand color to inspire your staff and to impress any visitors you have. Your office should take both the people who are there daily and temporary guests into account. It should say something about your brand and what you stand for.

Decor to Encourage Productivity

When you have staff, finding ways to make them more productive is imperative. You can keep it in mind when you’re thinking about the design of your office. The choices you make can help to encourage productivity.  If your office is going to be open-plan, it will be beneficial to get some acoustic wall tiles that will keep noise levels down in the space which otherwise would be high due to the openness of your office plan.

All your design decisions could have an effect on how well everyone can work. For example, certain colors could help your employees to concentrate on their work. The furniture and equipment you select could make a difference too.

Modern decor inspo!

Standing Desks

One of the biggest trends that have taken root in startup offices is standing desks. They’re being used elsewhere too, such as in some schools. Many people believe that they’re healthier and can help with concentration. Your staff probably don’t want to be on their feet all day, though, so it’s best to offer them as an option only. You can also get adjustable desks. They will enable your employees to stand up for part of the day and sit down without having to move across the office. Standing desks can help to inspire your employees to be more productive.

Open Plan

Many startup owners find that a more open-plan design works best for their office. The more traditional style of everyone having individual desks or cubicles can feel stuffy and impersonal to a lot of people. An open-plan office makes collaboration easier. You might still want to have a private office for yourself or a couple of other senior employees. But a more open space will help your team to work more closely. They can communicate better and stay up to date on each other’s work. It’s also a better idea if you only have a limited amount of space, allowing you to make the most of what you can afford.

Interesting Design Ideas for Your Startup Office //

If you’ve started your own business, getting a real office is the next big step. Apply both your business skills and your interior design ideas to your new space.

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