Interesting Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption This Month

Posted March 6, 2021 by in Lifestyle

We’re all tightening our financial belts right now. With many of us working reduced hours or having to search for new employment, it’s hardly surprising that finding ways to cut down on our monthly expenses is a topic we’re keen to get to grips with. 

The biggest monthly expenses are traditionally our rent or mortgage payments, necessities such as car payments, fuel and insurance and of course, our utility bills. With most of us spending more time at home due to the pandemic and the subsequent change in our working habits, it’s only natural that our energy consumption has risen, and our bills are reflecting this change. 

Cutting back on your monthly energy consumption will help reduce your bills, and help you do your bit for the environment. Read on to discover my top ways to reduce your energy consumption this month:

Switch to LED bulbs 

Have you joined the LED bulb revolution yet? LED bulbs, such as these E27 LED bulbs, are the perfect choice for cutting back on your energy consumption and lowering your bills. While you might be familiar with purchasing traditional, energy-saving bulbs, these familiar options use much more energy than their LED counterparts. This is due to traditional CFL bulbs wasting energy through heat, unlike LEDs which are cool to the touch. LED bulbs also last longer, which means less time and money replacing those blown bulbs. 

Turn Off and Unplug!

We’re all guilty of leaving our appliances on rest mode, whether we’re placing our TV on standby to go to sleep or forgetting to turn our phone chargers off at the mains, what seems like a small issue can quickly build into a big energy bill.

Getting into the habit of switching off your appliances at the mains and unplugging them prevents energy from being wasted, and helps you keep your bills low. 

Update Your Appliances

Are you still using an old microwave or washing machine? While you might think it’s cost-effective (and environmentally friendly) to hang onto these appliances, they could be costing you more than you think. Older appliances aren’t created with the energy-saving capabilities that newer versions have which means they’re using more energy to function and are a contributing factor to that rise in your energy bills. 

Upgrading your appliances all at once isn’t practical if you’re on a budget, so consider doing this one appliance at a time, and remember to turn off your electricals and unplug them when they’re not in use. 

Remember to Compare Energy Quotes

You’re not automatically guaranteed the best rate if you stick with the same supplier, so make sure you’re regularly comparing energy suppliers online so you’re getting the best deal for your circumstances. Sending regular meter readings to your provider is another way to keep your energy bills low and to ensure you’re not being charged more than you should be. 

If you’re struggling with your bills, then don’t suffer in silence. Reach out to your energy providers and see if they can help. 

*Photos by Helen Shi