Interior Updates that Will Completely Transform Your Home

Posted November 26, 2021 by in Decor

Are you looking for interior updates to your home? You will need to spend some time making decisions, since the interior of your house is an important aspect of your property as a long term investment. Whether you are planning on staying in it or selling it, you will want to make sure you improve and add value to your home. There are many interior updates that can be made. Below are just a few ideas to get the creativity flowing.

Bring Some of The Exterior Style Inside

Consider the exterior of your home and how you can design the interior to be consistent with its style. Perhaps your home is quite modern, using interlocking metal cladding or perhaps your home is more traditional looking. You can bring this style inside into the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms to make it feel cohesive inside and out. This is also an excellent way to improve your property’s value since buyers are looking for homes that suit their taste.

Why not get creative and introduce some colours and materials used on the exterior of your home, into the interior. For example, if your home has metal cladding, you can use the same material to create a feature wall. This is an excellent way of adding personality and style into your interior design project.

Consider Your Flooring Options

Your flooring is a great way to complete your interior updates. Perhaps you have been thinking about carpet, or perhaps it’s a hardwood finish that you would really like to incorporate into the design scheme of your home. While these materials are very different from each other, they can be used in combination with one another for an interesting look and to suit the needs of different spaces. Hard flooring such as floating timber floors have become a very popular option in recent times due to the competitive price when compared to hardwood floors and the fact that it is very versatile.

Floors are the foundation of interior design for families, and they should be taken into consideration when you want to make your interior space more comfortable and stylish at the same time. If you’re looking for an interior update using flooring, consider what kind of style or theme would look best in your home.

Fresh Paint Makes a Big Difference

No matter how careful a household is, over time walls will become damaged and could do with a freshen up. A coat of paint can make all the difference to the interior of your home.  Paint can transform spaces and give them a fresh new look.

A coat of paint on walls is an inexpensive yet effective interior update that will completely change the appearance of any room in your house. It’s important to get the colour palette right. If you’re looking for ways to improve the interior of your home without spending a fortune, you can paint your home yourself.

An interior paint design can be a great way to add value to your home. Furthermore, painting interior walls with moisture-resistant paints will prevent mould growth in humid climates. With this simple update you’ll achieve

The Wet Areas Are the Most Important!

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry and all areas of the home that are known to help sell a home. If you get these rooms right, you will likely sell your home for a better price. If these areas are looking old and are not up to modern day standards, you should invest it these areas of your property. 

There are some easy, cost effective options for these rooms. Painting the bathroom and laundry walls with moisture-resistant paint prevents mould growth and gives a modern, clean look. If your fixtures such as bench-tops, cabinetry, oven, stove or sinks need a replacement, these could be more expensive. Still there are cost effective options if you are prepared to shop around.

What To Avoid When Planning to Sell Your Home?

The interior design of your home can all be done to your taste however, if you plan to sell your home you should consider avoiding options others may dislike and will find difficult to change. You’ll never please everyone with your sense of style however you should consider what potential buyers might be looking for in the interior design of a home.

If you are planning to sell your home in a few years’ time, avoid choosing any interior designs that may date quickly and can’t be changed easily. For example, choose flooring options with colours and patterns which would look good for several years at least. This will ensure you can command a good sale price when the time comes.

Get Creative!

If you feel like your interior design needs an update then we trust these tips help you. If you’re not sure where to start, why not purchasing some interior design magazines to get some ideas. These are big decisions so don’t rush in. You can either make updates for your own enjoyment, or do it in preparation of selling the house for a higher price. It’s time to plan your options and get creative.

*Photos by Max Vakhtbovych