Q&A: Glamour Dolls Makeup Founder and CEO Jessica Romano

Posted October 24, 2014 by in Career

Makeup under $5? No, this isn’t some epic sale, but the every day, business as usual price for new makeup line Glamour Dolls.

Founded by makeup artist and reality television star Jessica Romano (Style Network’s “Glam Fairy”, “Jerseylicious”), Glamour Dolls is a unique makeup line that is both affordable and adorable.

Since its launch this past July, the line has been selling out in Joyce Leslie, and on the Glamour Dolls online store.

With their girlie signature, professional quality, and under $5 price point, it’s only a matter of time before this brand expands to more locations.

I first met Jessica when we were both studying theatre at Montclair State. As students, she did makeup for the first show I ever directed. Since graduation, we’ve stayed in touch and have worked with each other professionally.

With her talent, training and undeniable presence, it was no surprise to me she rose to success on Style Network, and even less of a surprise that she came out with her own makeup line.

To get some valuable advice and to learn more about Jessica and Glamour Dolls, read my interview below:


What was the inspiration for Glamour Dolls?

I wanted to create a high-end cosmetic line, full of fun colors, great formulations, with awesome packaging. Oh, and it also HAD to retail for under $5.

At first this idea was laughed at, but somehow I brought Glamour Dolls to life. I’m pretty excited that if you want to collect every color of Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob it won’t cost you next month’s rent.

You started working on a makeup line before reality TV, correct?

Yes! This has been four years in the making. Actually, filming slowed down the process because it took up my time 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Now that I’m not doing the show, 110% of my time is focused on Glamour Dolls.

What are the top three must haves from your new line?

Ahh! This is like picking a favorite child. My first pick is our Lashlights Mascara. It has a built in mirror, which gives a new meaning to makeup on the go. My next pick is our Kitty Kisses Lip Balm. Kitty Kisses comes in tinted shades and has SPF15. I brought my Kitty Kisses with me to the beach in the light pink shade #cathairdontcare and it really gave me the perfect hint of color, plus protection.

My last pick would have to be our Lip Cream. Even though it can be compared to a lipstick, I refuse to call it that because it’s not. It’s soft, creamy, and long wearing all without being drying like the average lipstick. I dare you to find a lipstick you like better.



How has being on a reality television show helped and/or hurt your journey to creating a makeup line?

Being on “Glam Fairy” has definitely helped! The show had and still has a loyal fan base, who like me, are obsessed with makeup and all things girlie. Even though it was reality TV, I wasn’t at the Jersey Shore partying. Viewers got to watch me on my grind and see my work, so the exposure for my career was great. I feel like the fans have been on this journey with me and it’s really fun to share this experience with them.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Bobbi Brown actually spoke at my college graduation and she talked about her rise to success. Most of her speech was focused on the importance of being NICE. It sounds like such an obvious thing to be, but I’ve found people get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of it. I try to remember her words every day and it has made me a better business woman and human being.

Thanks Bobbi!

What’s the best advice you yourself can give?

Eat carbs and be happy.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mom is my biggest inspiration. The woman is fearless, and beautiful, and the original girl boss.

What do you want to achieve beyond Glamour Dolls?

Besides finding a home for every stray cat? All I can ask for is Glamour Dolls to continue to grow and for everyone to love the brand as much as I do.

What first drew you to working with makeup?

Well I’ve always been obsessed with makeup; I just never realized I could turn my passion into a career. When I was in college, I would give “makeovers” to my roomies and my sorority sisters. I would tell them what products they needed to buy. Eventually, when we had a formal or event I had to start taking appointments because there wasn’t enough time to do everyone that wanted their makeup done.

Actually, I had a friend in school that would write papers for me, in exchange for makeup. My friends helped me grow into the makeup artist I am today, by giving me the confidence to pursue what I loved.

I pretty much spent most of my college career drinking wine out of a box, and playing with makeup. Four years of college tuition well spent.

Any hope of more television or theatre?

Yes! That was my first passion, before I discovered lipgloss. I think being the spokesperson for Glamour Dolls will help keep my dream of being on the cover of STAR Magazine alive. I’m really hoping for a cover story with a headline claiming I’m part unicorn or something along those lines.

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