Is a Root Canal Painful? This Is What You Need to Know

Posted August 24, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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Your tooth pain is getting out of hand, it’s difficult to eat, it’s difficult to talk, and it’s quite literally keeping you up at night. You know you should do something about it, but you’re worried and wondering, “Is a root canal painful?”

Luckily, with modern surgery techniques and technologies, root canals aren’t all that painful or scary anymore. In fact, living with your mouth pain is likely much worse than getting surgery to fix it.

So if you’re wondering if root canals are painful or not, your fear and worry can be alleviated here. Then, you can feel safe booking an appointment to alleviate your tooth pain, too.

Keep reading for all the information you’ll need to know:

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What is a Root Canal

A root canal is performed when a tooth is infected or decaying to save the tooth and the surrounding gum. There is a pulp under the tooth that must be removed before further harm occurs to the existing bone and tissue.

The surgery will repair the tooth and seal it to prevent future infection. It’s a crucial surgery to save your teeth, and it can also help get rid of your tooth pain.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal

Root canal surgeries are performed to preserve the existing tooth and gum, instead of getting an implant put in.

If you’re unsure if you should considering getting surgery, you can learn the signs that mean a root canal is the best step to take away your tooth pain.

While your mouth will need to be carefully taken care of after surgery and it may be a bit sensitive, the process will relieve pain for the longterm. Ultimately, you want to keep your existing teeth and get a deep cleaning surgery rather than having to replace your teeth altogether.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Even though you’ve probably been living with tooth pain for a while now, you’re concerned and asking yourself, “How bad is a root canal?”

While the recovery process might include soreness and over-the-counter painkillers, the surgery itself will not cause more root canal pain. It can be uncomfortable to hold your mouth open for the duration of the procedure, but that is pretty much the extent of the pain you might experience.

Modern anesthesia technology will mask any typical surgery pain that would occur otherwise, so getting a root canal is almost entirely painless.

Getting a Root Canal

Hopefully, these facts have helped calm your nerves about the potential pain of root canal surgeries. In the end, the surgery is performed to save and protect your teeth and gums, and to get rid of pain, not be the cause of it.

So if anyone asks you, “do root canals hurt?” you have the knowledge to ease their worries. Let go of your surgery fear and get the pain relief you deserve.