Is It Realistic To Become A Model? Here’s What It Takes

Posted December 14, 2019 by in Career/ Fashion

It may seem like something best left to the realm of fantasy. It must be impossible to become a model, right? Well, if it’s impossible, how are there models out there? They obviously decided to become a model and then went out and became one.

Can you do the same thing? Not to say that it is easy or even very realistic, but it is possible.

You’ll need to have a few things covered for it to become a reality, however. Here is what it takes to become a professional model:

fashion model

Have a Professional Portfolio

You need a model portfolio. That’s the very first step. This includes having a professional headshot and other photographs. 

Don’t ask your friend who is an amazing amateur photographer. They might take some nice looking photos, but you need somebody with experience that knows exactly what agencies are looking for when they see a headshot. Get that part wrong and you’re done before you even had a chance.

You should also have a website, especially if you have some relevant experience. If you have done any modeling or work in the fashion or advertising world, then having a website you can direct people to is very important.

Find an Agency

What do agencies look for in models? That is impossible to answer since they look for different things in models depending on what is required. For store catalogues, a girl or guy next door type is ideal (and height doesn’t matter as much). For high fashion shows, height is important. Anything under 5’8″ is usually not accepted, however you need to check the requirements from modeling agency Dallas—as each agency is going to have different requirements.

One thing that many agencies are emphatic about these days is that the model should look healthy. In other words, it’s still ok to be thin as long as you look like you’re supposed to be that thin. If you look unhealthy, or your weight looks forced, you’ll likely look rejected. They want natural looking models since people demand that models look realistic.

To find an agency in your area, keep a look out for competitions or casting calls. You could cold call them by sending in a headshot and portfolio, but your chances are better when they are active in their search as they have a need at that time. 

Get Used to Rejection

Don’t take it personal when you are inevitably rejected. Even some of the biggest models out there now weren’t chosen right away

Learn what you can from the experience when you are told that they don’t need you. If they actually tell you why then this is ideal, but most won’t be so specific.

Then, just move on. Keep looking for the next opportunity and go in confident. You’re likely going to amass a lot of rejection letters so you have to pretend like they didn’t happen. 

Find Your Niche

You can increase your odds of getting a call back when you look for an underserved segment. This means that if you are sort of a punk rock type, go all in on that look to be the one they think of when they need to hire.

Just because you don’t look like Giselle Bündchen or Miranda Kerr doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful model. Those two supermodels are perfect for their niche, but that doesn’t mean they would be the ideal casting for other opportunities. 

Some examples of modeling niches are:

Fit Modeling: While you won’t often be featured in magazines, you would be the model used when brands do their sizing; essentially an mannequin for brands. That means they need models of all heights and sizes for measurements. Fit models are some of the most successful as they tend to be paid very well.

Athletic Modeling: Are you athletic? Do you consider yourself an athlete? If so, athletic modeling may be your jam. These types of models are the ones you often see in Nike and Adidas commercials. Do to the strong muscle definition, these models aren’t often successful with high-fashion modeling.

Plus Modeling: The plus-size modeling industry keeps on growing, and that means there is a higher demand for plus-size models each year.

These are only a few niches you could consider, however the modeling world is definitely very vast.

Have you ever considered a modeling career? Let us know in the comments below!